WWE Monday Night Raw results with highlights: June 24, 2019


Bengaluru, June 25: Last night's WWE Raw was filled up with fallouts from Stomping Grounds PPV. Fans witnessed a dream contest between Ricochet and AJ Styles over the United States Championship.

Also, Roman Reigns was forced to go into a two-on-one handicap match that witnessed an unthinkable return! Here're how these headliners alongside other segments went by from the Angel of Winds Arena in Everett, Washington.
The show opened with the Universal Champion Seth Rollins and the Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch. As they were talking about Stomping Grounds, Lacey Evans attacked Becky from behind.

They brawled for sometime before Baron Corbin showed up proposing a Winner Take All match for Extreme Rules main event. Corbin will team up with Evans against Rollins and Lynch where whichever team wins will get both Raw men and women's titles.

An 8-Man Tag Team Elimination match was the opening contest of WWE Raw where Daniel Bryan and Rowan teamed with The Revival against The New Day and The Usos. Bryan ran into an accidental forearm from Wilder that Woods capitalized with a roll-up to pin and eliminate Bryan. Revival quickly hit the Shatter Machine on Woods to outsmart New Day. But Wilder got caught in a Frog Splash from Jey Uso to suffer the pinfall loss.

Miz TV with special guest WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth was next on WWE Raw where the champion talked about his life being miserable ever since holding the title. Drake Maverick showed up demanding a title opportunity as the champion accepted. Truth quickly pinned Maverick to retain the title only to see a bunch of superstars coming after him. Carmella ran away with Truth to escape the scene.

Next up on WWE Raw was a 2-on-1 Handicap Match where Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre teamed up against Roman Reigns to deliver a beatdown. The went absolutely relentless on Reigns until The Undertaker's music hit the arena. The crowd went nuts as The Deadman appeared out of nowhere to drop McMahon with a chokeslam. McIntyre was taken out with a clothesline. 'Taker cleared the ring and did his signature pose to end the segment.

Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley featured in a Tug of War Contest with a red line drawn in the middle of the ring. Strowman won the battle by pulling Lashley out of the set line. But Lashley wanted to choke out Strowman with the ropes after the contest. Strowman hit him with a shoulder block but Lashley capitalized by sending the monster into the ring post.

Gallows and Anderson vs. The Viking Raiders was next match lineup on WWE Raw. Erik of the Vikings took out Anderson with a suicide dive and sent him back to the ring to hit the Viking Experience for an easy win.

A chaotic scene ensued on WWE Raw as a bunch of superstars chased down R-Truth to win the 24/7 Championship. In a matter of moments, Heath Slater, Cedric Alexander, and EC3 won the title. But in the end, Carmella distracted EC3 helping Truth to roll him up to win the title back.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston made his way to the ring throwing pancakes for an interview on WWE Raw which was interrupted by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. The latter one competed in a match against Kofi to almost pick up the win after a Michinoku Driver. But Kofi fought back with a Double Stomp. Zayn hit a Blue Thunder Bomb but Kofi rolled him up for the win.

Owens challenged Kofi in a future match that was readily accepted. Despite eating a superkick, the champion planted Owens with an SOS on the ramp to earn a quick count-out victory. After this, Samoa Joe attacked Kofi on the ramp and locked in the Coquina Clutch to choke out Kofi.

Alexa Bliss competed against Naomi who was distracted by Nikki Cross allowing Bliss to hit the DDT for a win. After the match, Bliss attacked Naomi and Cross also joined her forcing Natalya to come out and make the save. Soon, Nattie and Naomi teamed up in a tag match against Bliss and Nikki. The latter name delivered a swinging neckbreaker on Nattie to earn the win for her team.

A solid main event was stored on WWE Raw for the audience as AJ Styles battled WWE United States Champion Ricochet in a non-title capacity. The champion missed his pendant top rope 630-splash to digest a forearm. Styles then hit the springboard Phenomenal Forearm to get the win. After their match, he endorsed Ricochet by raising his hands high above his head to close the show.

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