WWE Monday Night Raw results and highlights: November 19, 2018


Bengaluru, November 20: Last night marked the post-Survivor Series edition of WWE Monday Night Raw in which the authority figures should have been in a celebratory mood after earning a clean sweep over Smackdown. But a Monster among Men was waiting to spoil the party. Plus, buildups for WWE TLC PPV also began on the show hosted by the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.
Baron Corbin welcomed us to the undisputed A-show of the WWE. Stephanie McMahon soon joined him inside the ring. As the pair bragged about their win at Survivor Series, Braun Strowman's music hit the arena. And the Monster wanted to get his hands on Corbin. So, Stephanie McMahon made the match official for TLC. She put Corbin's GM role on the line and also added that, Strowman will get the Universal title opportunity at Royal Rumble if he wins the match.

Stephanie also announced a six-man tag team match which was the opening match of the night. Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre vs. Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, and Elias was the lineup that took place under elimination rules. McIntyre hit Balor with a Claymore Kick while Elias got himself counted out which left Strowman all alone. The three heels delivered a beatdown on Strowman to end the match as no-contest. The monster was hurt after receiving a shot by the steel steps. The medical team ran down to take care of him later to end the segment.

Next up, Seth Rollins came down to talk about the IC title match at WWE TLC PPV. He called out Dean Ambrose who did not appear in the ring. But appeared on the tron which showed him at the backstage area, so Rollins chased him down. He went to the boiler room of the arena to see 'burn it down' written with spray cans. Ambrose continued playing such mind games throughout the evening.

Ronda Rousey appeared on WWE Raw with bruises in her face from Survivor Series. She addressed the ambush by Charlotte Flair at the bygone PPV before declaring that she was in a fighting mood. So she called out anyone from the locker room to face her for the championship. Baron Corbin came out and tried to stop her from doing so. But Ronda seemed ready to compete on the show.

So Corbin sent Mickie James to have a championship match. But it turned out to be a squash match against the 'baddest woman on the planet. She delivered three consecutive snap Samoan Drops on Mickie to pin her clean. Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka appeared on the ramp after Ronda Rousey retained her title. A staredown among them ended the segment. Nia will challenge Ronda for the title at WWE TLC.

Later, these two heels teamed up to compete in a match against Sasha Banks and Bayley. Tamina distracted Bayley while she was going for a top rope leap. Nia capitalized on it to hit Bayley with a Samoan Drop for the win. In another women's division match, Natalya competed against Ruby Riott. Nattie was in control in the match locking in the Sharpshooter. Liv Morgan pulled Riott out of the ring, momentarily. When Riott re-entered the match, Nattie rolled her up to pick up the win.

The Lucha House Party competed in a tag team match against The Revival. Gran Metallic distracted Dash Wilder which allowed Dorado to hit a shooting star press for the victory. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable competed in another tag team match against AOP. Roode hit Akam with a Spinebuster and gave the tag to Gable who scored the win via a roll-up. This earned them a victory over the WWE Raw tag team champions.

Dean Ambrose showed up inside the Staples Center during the closing moments of WWE Raw. Seth Rollins spotted him and ran down to the ring to catch him. A brawl broke out between the two inside the ring as Rollins got the upper-hand. When he went to hit the Stomp, Ambrose gave a low blow to him. He hit two Dirty Deeds on Rollins before warning not to interrupt him, ever. WWE Raw ended with Ambrose standing tall over Rollins.

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