WWE Monday Night Raw results and highlights: March 18, 2019


Bengaluru, March 19: Kurt Angle's Wrestlemania opponent revelation was the prime attraction during last night's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw which took place in Chicago.

Also on Raw, Ronda Rousey put her women's title on the line against a relatively weak opponent. While, Brock Lesnar returned to address his challenger who competed in a big match against Drew McIntyre.

Plus, Finn Balor and a partner of his choice were involved in a tag team match which continued The Demon's rivalry against Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush at the All-State Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

Check out how WWE Raw went down in Chicago:
The WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar kicked off last night's Raw and he was welcomed with loud boos as he walked out with Paul Heyman who went on to cut a heel promo.

Drew McIntyre came out to interrupt the champ. But Seth Rollins came out and cracked a chair shot on The Scottish Psychopath's back for multiple times. The Architect later invited Lesnar to the ring. But the beast decided to walk away from the scene to end the opening segment.

Next up on Raw, Finn Balor and his surprise partner Braun Strowman met Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush in the tag team match. Balor and Lashley had a verbal exchange before the match went underway hinting a future title match between the two. Lashley punished Balor for the better part of the match until Strowman received the tag. The Monster Among Men delivered a mammoth Chokeslam followed by a Running Powerslam on Rush to get the win.

Later on Raw, Alexa Bliss hosted another episode of A Moment of Bliss with Elias as the special guest But the talk show was interrupted by The Heavy Machinery. No Way Jose used the distraction to blindside Elias and that set up a one-on-one matchup between the pair. Jose missed a cross-body splash which gave an opening to Elias who connected a big knee and followed it with The Drift Away for the victory.

Next up, Kurt Angle came out to announce that Baron Corbin will be his Wrestlemania 35 opponent. He added that he would be happy to submit the man who made his life a living hell. Moments later, Chad Gable came out to have a match against Angle. Gable missed a top rope fly to allow Angle to lock in the Ankle Lock submission hold for the victory. Corbin came out to cut a promo against Angle to end the segment.

Women's Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Bayley were out next on the show to talk about who will be their challengers next. Natalya and Beth Phoenix joined them in the ring to challenge the champs for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania. A brawl broke between Sasha and Natalya after a heated verbal exchange.

So the two of them went ahead to settle their differences in a one-on-one match. Sasha Banks started the encounter with a Thesz Press. But Nattie hit back with a Lower Dropkick followed by a Discuss Clothesline. Nia Jax appeared on the ramp to distract the pair as Tamina attacked Beth outside the ring. Nia and Tamina attacked Sasha and Nattie to disqualify the match.

Ricochet featured in a singles match against Jinder Mahal who was in early control after a scoop slam. But Ricochet came back with a shooting star press and followed it with a cartwheel Fosbury Flop on Mahal and The Singh Brothers. When fight returned inside the ring, he executed the 630 from the top rope to get the win.

Later, WWE Raw Women's Champion "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey defended her title against Dana Brooke. The match lasted for a few seconds as Rousey kicked Brooke in the guts and applied the arm-bar for the win. She refused to let go of Dana from the submission move. Referees and officials ran down as Rousey and her husband Travis Browne put their hands on them before they walked away.

Baron Corbin vs. Apollo Crews was the next matchup on Raw. Crews was in full control of the match as he began with a moonsault. Corbin came back with a big right hand followed by a Deep Six. In the end, Crews escaped from an End of Days attempt and rolled up Corbin for the victory. Kurt Angle joined Crews on the ramp to share a staredown at Corbin.

Batista featured in a live interview hosted by Michael Cole from Tampa Florida. The Animal added hype to his Wrestlemania match against Triple H with a fired-up promo.

Meanwhile in the backstage, Braun Strowman joined Charly Caruso to add his name for the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. He is the first man to do so for the 2019 edition.

Drew McIntyre appeared on Raw to challenge Roman Reigns for a match at Wrestlemania. The Big Dog as earlier reported was not present on the show to give an answer.

Meanwhile, Seth Rollins showed up and started a brawl with McIntyre to start the scheduled main event. Rollins was in good control of the match after he performed a Superplex followed by the Falcon Arrow until Brock Lesnar arrived on the ramp. McIntyre took advantage of this distraction and hit the Claymore on Rollins to get the win. A staredown between Rollins and Lesnar ended the show.

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