WWE Monday Night Raw results and highlights: May 20, 2019


Bengaluru, May 21: Fallouts from Money in the Bank were the main focus of last night's WWE Monday Night Raw episode that in turn helped to start the storylines for the next PPV in line - Super ShowDown.

A great fight in which two prime champions of the WWE teamed up took place in the main event. Plus, a legend returned to unveil a new championship for the WWE Universe.

Here are the results from the show that took place at the Times Union Center in Albany, New York:
Brock Lesnar walked out with his Money in the Bank briefcase to kick off this week's Raw. Paul Heyman accompanied him to cut a promo and they were greeted with thunderous boos from the crowd.

Seth Rollins soon made his way to the ring demanding that Lesnar cash in the contract against him. But, Kofi Kingston joined them in the ring and asked Lesnar to do it against him for the WWE Championship. Lesnar showed no interest and left the ring.

Braun Strowman competed in the opening contest of WWE Raw against Sami Zayn in a rematch from last week. Zayn tried to escape but Strowman got his hands on Zayn in the Gorilla Position. He brought the fight back to the ringside where Zayn pushed him multiple times into the ring post and set up for the Helluva Kick. But Strowman caught him with a clothesline and hit a Running Powerslam for the win.

Lars Sullivan came out to give an interview to Charly Caruso. Before he could say a word, the Lucha House Party came out and attacked him. Sullivan hit Kalisto face-first off the apron to fight back. However, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik managed to hit Sullivan with a double suicide dive. Sullivan then tried to counter with a Running Powerbomb on Dorado but Kalisto and Metallik pulled him out as the trio retreated.

Next up, Cesaro walked out to a brand new entrance theme and lighting to take on Ricochet in a singles contest. He was in control after he locked in a mid-rib stretch to which his opponent countered with a jawbreaker. Ricochet delivered a Foxbury Flop and went to the top rope only to eat an Upper Cut. Cesaro delivered a torture rack backbreaker and followed it with the Gotch Neutralizer for the victory.

AJ Styles featured in a backstage interview in which he said he doesn't feel ashamed in digesting a loss to Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank. But, Baron Corbin walked in to insult him for the loss and received a straight slap to the face.

Roman Reigns appeared on Raw for the third straight week using the Wild Card Rule. Shane McMahon interrupted him before he could say anything and reminded everyone that he won at Money in the Bank. Roman challenged him for a match to which McMahon declined. But he confirmed the match will happen at WWE Super ShowDown.

The Revival got their hands on The Usos after weeks of humiliation. They attacked the twins from behind to gain the upper hand. The Usos came back with stereo superkicks on Dawson but Wilder broke the pinfall. He hit Jey Uso with a tornado DDT on the floor. Meanwhile, Jimmy delivered a suicide dive and hit a superkick to Dawson for a near fall. Wilder came from the back rolled him up, holding the tights to get the win.

WWE Raw women's champion Becky Lynch was the guest on Moment of Bliss talk show hosted by Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. The IIconics and Lacey Evans interrupted them to set up a six-woman tag team match. Evans walked out of the match, mid-way after which Lynch hit Kay with a Bexploder and knocked Royce off the ring. The champ then hit a diving leg drop on Kay for the victory.

Mick Foley returned to WWE Raw to unveil the 24/7 Championship. He added that the title can be defended every third hour of WWE Raw, every week and it will be open to anyone from any roster.

A bunch of Raw roster members ran out to fight for the belt. Titus O'Neil was the first one to grab it only to get rolled up by Robert Roode who became the new holder of the championship. Later R-Truth pinned Roode at the backstage to take away the belt and he drove off the arena.

A backstage confrontation between The Miz and Drew McIntyre was converted into a match on WWE Raw by Shane McMahon who chose to stay at ringside. The Miz avoided the Claymore Kick and applied the Figure Four Leglock. McIntyre chopped on his chests to escape from the submission. McMahon then distracted Miz to help McIntyre to hit the Claymore for the win. Roman Reigns appeared to provide the backup to The Miz after the match and hit a Superman Punch on McIntyre.

The main event of Raw featured a tag team match with the lineup of Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley. Despite the pre-match attack by the heels, the champions prevailed after Rollins took both of them out with a Suicide Dive and Kingston pinned Corbin after a Trouble in Paradise.

Brock Lesnar arrived to deliver a sneak attack but the champions fended him off with chairs in hand. Heyman announced that Lesnar will tell us against whom he will cash in the MITB contract on next week's episode and the show went off the air.

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