WWE Monday Night Raw results and highlights: March 11, 2019


Bengaluru, March 12: Wrestlemania 35 storylines officially kicked off on last night's post-Fastlane edition of WWE Monday Night Raw which took place at the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We saw a huge confrontation between two old pals, who booked a match for the biggest event of the year.

Meanwhile, we also saw The Shield buddies move on from the team set up after delivering one final match at Fastlane. Plus, there was a surprising championship change that took place during the night as we are well and truly on the Road to Wretlemania.

Check out the full results from the show:
The Shield kicked off Raw for one last time as the trio came out for a farewell speech. Roman Reigns revealed he and his allies will take their separate paths from now on. Rollins revealed that he has the toughest job as he will have to slay the beast at Wrestlemania. Reigns and Ambrose left the ring to allow Rollins to cut a promo for his 'Mania match.

But he soon got interrupted by Paul Heyman. While the duo were involved in a heated verbal exchange, Shelton Benjamin appeared from the back and hit Rollins with German Suplexes which led to a match. Benjamin threw his opponent into the LED board and delivered another German Suplex. But Rollins hit him in the mid-section and followed with the Curb Stomp for the win.

Next up, Bobby Lashley came out for his IC title rematch against Finn Balor. The champion took early control with a Sling Blade move on the Dominator. Lio Rush appeared at ringside and rang the match bell. So, Balor ran out to stop him outside the ring. He went for a springboard but Lashley caught him with a spear mid-air to win back the Intercontinental Championship.

Later, Raw Women's Champion "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey came out to talk trash about the WWE Universe and her Wrestlemania opponents. Dana Brooke showed up and requested for an open challenge. She instead received a kick from Rousey and a Piper's Pit. Officials ran out to stop the champion. But, one of them received a slap from Rousey, who later opted to walk away.

The next match that took place on Raw was a tag team match between the team of Aleister Black & Ricochet and the team of Bobby Roode & Chad Gable. Roode and Gable almost picked up the win after a German Suplex/blockbuster combo. But Ricochet hit back with a modified GTS on Roode. Meanwhile, Aleister received the tag and hit a Black Mass on Gable for the win. After the match the winning pair were attacked by the Raw Tag Team Champions.

Later on Raw, Alexa Bliss hosted another episode of A Moment of Bliss to announce that she will be the host of Wrestlemania 35 at the MetLife Stadium in New York, New Jersey.

Braun Strowman received a red sports car as a gift from Colin Jost and Michael Che, the guest correspondents of Wrestlemania 35. Strowman could not fit in such a small car. So he smashed it, instead. After destroying the car, Strowman sent a warning to Colin and Che as they will get these hands at Wrestlemania.

Elias presented his usual music segment on Raw before No Way Jose interrupted with his Conga Line. Elias gave a Baseball Slide to Jose before he planted him with a Drift Away to end the segment.

Next up, Natalya was scheduled to compete in a match against Nia Jax. But the match was disqualified as Beth Phoenix attacked Nia to seek retribution from Fastlane. The Hall of Famer stood tall with Nattie by sending Nia out of the ring.

Batista surrounded by security was out next on Raw. Triple H also appeared in the ring all set for a fight. Batista demanded one last match at Wrestlemania 35. Triple H was not ready to hand him that as he felt the Animal has already quit the WWE many times. But he decided to make the match official on one condition. It will be a No Holds Barred match at Wrestlemania!

Kurt Angle came out next on Raw to announce his farewell match at Wrestlemania 35. He also featured in action in his hometown of Pittsburgh for one last time. Apollo Crews was his opponent whom he tamed with three German Suplexes. Crews tried to come back with a step-up Enziguiri but got caught in an Angle Slam to digest a loss.

Roman Reigns was about to take on against Baron Corbin in the main event of this week's WWE Raw. However, Drew McIntyre hit him from the back while he was making the entrance. And later hit him with two Claymore Kicks. Referees ran out to stop the Scottish Psychopath who injured Reigns badly. Seth Rollins helped Reigns to the backstage.

Dean Ambrose was irate with the actions of Drew McIntyre. So, he wanted to have a match with him. Triple H made it a Falls Count Anywhere match. Ambrose had the early upper hand after delivering a suplex. But McIntyre raked him in the eye with a pencil and put his head through a steel railing to hit a Claymore Kick for the win. He hit a second Claymore on Ambrose as the show went off air.

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