WWE Monday Night Raw preview and schedule: February 17, 2020


Bengaluru, February 17: The ruler of Monday Night Raw will once again headline another episode of the show to solidify his Monday Night Messiah gimmick. As per the announcement made by the WWE, Seth Rollins will conduct his first 'sermon' of the current heel tenure. His real-life girlfriend Becky Lynch will also be in an unleashing mood on the show as she is hell-bent on proving her new Vampire Slayer nickname, right.
Also on the show, a massive No Holds Barred match which will be a major attraction for the crowd has been announced. Plus, the Bulgarian Brute Rusev is set to return and renew his rivalry with Bobby Lashley as he is booked to compete in a tag team match. These segments are likely to add boost to the upcoming Super ShowDown storylines when Raw emanates from the Angel of Winds Arena in Everett, Washington.
It's a successful attempt of the WWE Creative team where they have been able to turn Seth Rollins a heel but yet managed to pull off repetitive headliner matches or segments featuring him. This only proves how dominant the so-called Architects of Pain faction led by Rollins have lately become, by picking up back to back wins against their current rivals.

Rollins will now be delivering a 'sermon' on WWE Raw to speak out to the masses,
"Come one, come all: The Monday Night Messiah is holding his first sermon. Hot off the heels of a decisive (if slightly underhanded) Eight-Man Tag Team victory, Seth Rollins will host a "sermon" this Monday on Raw. What, exactly, The Monday Night Messiah will preach to the masses is anybody's guess, and Rollins is keeping his cards close to the vest on this one. Nevertheless, this Monday, he intends to lay out the path to salvation before us. Who will walk it?" (courtesy WWE.com)
Spoilers are out around this segment via PWInsider.com which suggests that it is a setup to summon the World's Largest Athlete back to Raw. A few weeks ago, Rollins and his heel buddies took out Big Show with a vicious attack. Kevin Owens later told that Show will eventually be back with vengeance. Tonight seems the perfect time for him to come back and potentially declare a match against Seth Rollins at Super ShowDown.

Meanwhile, the delayed debut of former NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler finally happened on last week's episode of RAW at the expense of Becky Lynch. Shayna bit the neck of the Raw Women's Champion to leave her in a bloodied needing medical attention.

Now The Man is not someone to go down easy with the heinous actions shown by the Queen of Spades. For tonight, Becky will look convert herself into a 'Vampire Slayer'.

We thought we saw Matt Hardy for the last time on WWE TV as an in-ring competitor on last week's episode of RAW following the attack of Randy Orton. With the Con-chair-to on the elder Hardy, believed to have written him off TV as his WWE contract is coming to an end under two weeks from now. But now he is booked to compete in a No Holds Barred match against Randy Orton in a match filled with personal grudge.
"This past Monday on Raw, Randy Orton subjected Matt Hardy to the same brutal Con-Chair-To that sent Edge out of Raw on a stretcher. Now, Hardy is coming for payback. In the wake of Orton's heinous attack, the former Raw Tag Team Champion is now slated to battle The Apex Predator in a No Holds Barred Match, placing Orton directly on a collision course with his most recent victim to say nothing of a Superstar who refuses to take the abuse lying down."

Two of the Ruthless Aggression Era veterans battling it out on the flagship program of the WWE in a gimmick match itself is a major attraction for the fans. However, the outcome of the bout will be one-sided this time around as Orton will be fed off with negative heat from the audience until Edge comes back and starts a WrestleMania program officially. Hence, WWE's Apex Predator will be on the hunt for his prey in the form of an eight-time tag team champion.

A tag team match will be on the card of the show which should force the fans chanting Rusev Day to the top of their voice. The former United States Champion will be on seen on TV after a three-week gap amid rumors of his WWE contract dispute. Rusev will team up with Humberto Carrillo to take on the heel team of Angel Garza and Bobby Lashley.
Liv Morgan and Lana will also be at ringside to support the respective teams. Rusev desperately needs a win against Lashley after suffering some consecutive losses in the recent past. Could Morgan neutralize the tantrums thrown by Lana to ensure a victory for Rusev? We will get the answers when the penultimate episode of RAW before 2020 Super ShowDown, airs tonight.

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