WWE Monday Night Raw preview and schedule: April 15, 2019

Mark Hoover

Bengaluru, April 15: After the Wrestlemania week ended in New York last Tuesday (April 9), WWE head to Canada to host Monday Night Raw at the Bell Center in Montreal where the Superstar Shake-up of this year kicks-off.

Adverstised for the show tonight, is the annual WWE Superstar Shake-up and further fall-outs from last week's post-Wrestlemania Raw, which saw a few surprise returns and debuts.

We already got a dose of what could be in-store for us tonight on Raw after many Smackdown stars showed up on Monday and many from Team Red showed up on Tuesday night.

But, tonight will be a little different as whoever is drafted to one show will remain there at least for a year and there is no bar on if the Superstar is a current champion on the respective brand. So, this makes the show as usual a must see one as there are few surprises which await us.

Sony TEN 1 will telecast WWE Monday Night Raw live in India on Tuesday (April 16) from 5.30 AM IST, while the repeat will air later in the day at 12 PM, 4 PM and 8 PM.

Apart from all the above mentioned stuff, WWE will get a clear picture to set up for the next PPV - Money in the Bank - after the Superstar Shake-up is done and the entire landscape of WWE begins to change.

Here is what's in store for Raw in Montreal:

WWE set for a shake-up

The WWE Superstar Shake-up kicks off tonight on Raw which comes live from Montreal, Canada. With new champions crowned at Wrestlemania and so many stars including the bold Lacey Evans and the hulking Lars Sullivan all looking for a major push, anything can happen this week.

Will Red brand's champions bring their titles to Smackdown? We have already seen a preview, what other rivalries will begin as Superstars come into conflict with new adversaries? Whatever happens during this epic two-night event, you won't want to miss it.

Lacey Evans steps to "Becky Two Belts"

The new Raw and Smackdown Women's Champion Becky Lynch evaded an attack from Lacey Evans on the Raw after Wrestlemania, but The Sassy Southern Belle hit back on Smackdown. So, how will Lynch respond to this new threat? Or is that the only threat that awaits the Man on a night which will throw many surprises?

Seth Rollins awaits his next challenge

Last week, The Bar spoiled the Winner Take All Match between new Universal Champion Seth Rollins against new WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, but The Beastslayer will continue putting his title on the line again unlike the former champion Brock Lesnar to prove that he's a fighting champion.

Tonight. Rollins will again bring the Universal Title to Raw for the Superstar Shake-up, which will see competitors shifting brands over two nights. So, the list of potential foes for The Architect changes as well. Or will he be shifted to the Blue brand?

Bobby Lashley on destruction course

Bobby Lashley's Intercontinental Championship loss to Finn Bálor at Wrestlemania has made the already aggressive All Mighty even more dangerous. We last week got a dose of it when he mauled Dean Ambrose, who made his final appearance in WWE on the night.

Who will be Lashley's next target? Will it be someone of his size? Or will he move across brands for a new challenge?

What next for Roman Reigns?

Roman Reigns defeated Drew McIntyre in a brutal match at Wrestlemania. After Reigns succeeded against The Scottish Psychopath in his first singles match since his battle with leukemia, the WWE Universe anxiously awaits his next move.

Will Reigns look to challenge his Shield brother Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship - the very title he was forced to relinquish in October - or does he have another conquest in mind with Superstar Shake-up in the way?

Who will challenge IC Champ Balor?

Last week, the Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor was challenged by a surprise opponent in Sami Zayn, who made his much awaited return on the show. Despite a tough fight, Balor managed to defend his title successfully.

So, who will come out to challenge him tonight? Or is he headed to Smackdown along with the IC title? Find out tonight in Superstar shake-up show.

Will Braun Strowman continue feud with Samoa Joe?

Last week on Smackdown, Braun Strowman came to the rescue of R-Truth, who was attacked by WWE US Champion Samoa Joe.

The Monster Among Men made a beeline for the United States Champion, with the two beginning to trade fists as soon as Strowman hit the ring. Each Superstar had the other reeling, but just when it looked like Braun was going to drop Joe with the Running Powerslam, Joe slipped out of Braun's clutches and then out of the ring.

These two will definitely fight another day and it could be sooner than later depending on the results of the Superstar Shake-up.

Raw tag team scenario

Curt Hawkins finally won a match at Wrestlemania, where he partnered Zack Ryder to claim the Raw Tag Team Titles from The Revival. The new champions successfully defended their titles against Dash & Dawson in a rematch the following night on Raw.

Meanwhile, Bobby Roode & Chad Gable were handed a loss by Aleister Black & Ricochet, but the Glorious Duo made a statement after the match with their blindsided attacks. So, how will the new team respond? How will Revival respond to losing two nights in a row?

Who will challenge the new tag team champions next? Will it be from the current roster or is some team headed from Smackdown to Raw to challenge them?

Elias and rest of the roster

Elias has had constant interruptions, but he time and again has been stopped from his musical segments. At, Wrestlemania, The Living Truth was interrupted by John Cena and the following night, he ominously warned that the next person who interrupted him would be a "dead man," and just such a man answered the call.

The Undertaker emerged and delivered a chokeslam-Tombstone combo to Elias to spell the end of his performance. Was that a one night incident or was the seed planted for a future match between the pair?

There have been rumours about Undertaker's next appearance and more precisely a fight with Elias in Saudi Arabia. Whatever the outcome, the future will get clearer soon.

Apart from the aforementioned names, the regular stars of Raw like Alexa Bliss, Jinder Mahal and many more from Team Red and Team Blue will be involved in some capacity tonight on Raw.

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