WWE Mixed Match Challenge results (Episode 8) – November 6, 2018


Bengaluru, November 7: Mixed Match Challenge entered its eighth week in the second season. Every week, Facebook Watch brings us some fun action just after Smackdown Live goes off air. Mixed tag teams from Raw and Smackdown collide against each other to entertain us and last night was no different as four teams from both the brands went head to head.
In the first match, Team Country Dominance (Bobby Lashley and Mickie James) were up against Team BnB (Finn Balor and Bobby Lashley). Both these teams belong to WWE Raw and have been on a major roll off late. In fact, they are two of the major favorites to win the entire Mixed Match Challenge. So we expected a big-time fight in this contest.
Bayley and Mickie James started the match with some back and forth action. They tagged in their respective partners to increase the intensity. Finn Balor went to the top rope as Lashley pushed him to take control of the match. Finn hit back with a drop-kick to get back into the match. But Mickie James provided the distraction to force Bayley to re-enter the match.

The two ladies engaged in a battle until Mickie caught her opponent with a super-kick. Finn Balor was distracted by Lio Rush and started chasing him outside the ring. He went to hit Lio with a top rope move, but Lashley knocked him down. Bayley caught Lio with a Bayley-to-belly, but Mickie took advantage and hit Bayley with a DDT. This earned her team another win and they remain undefeated in Mixed Match Challenge.

From Smackdown Live, Team Day One Glow was scheduled to compete against a team who is yet to pick up a single win. Jimmy Uso and Naomi teamed up to take on R-Truth and Carmella. It was a do or die situation for the second team to exist in the tournament as they were looking for the big W.

The contest started in an interesting way through a rap battle. The two teams brought topics like Manchester itself, Bonnie & Clyde and even Usos' past rap battle against The New Day. Then they engaged in a Dance Break adding more entertainment to the fans.

Meanwhile, Carmella gave a cheap shot to Naomi to gain momentum for a little bit of time. A spinning roundabout made Carmella go dizzy as Naomi caught her with a kick to get the win. Team Day One Glow picked up a second consecutive win while Fabulous Truth continued their winless run.

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