WWE Mixed Match Challenge results (Episode 9): November 13, 2018


Bengaluru, November 14: Mixed Match Challenge came up with its ninth episode of season II, last night. WWE gave some good news for the teams before the contest. They announced that the winners of the tournament will earn a trip of their choice to any part of the world. Plus, the male and female competitors will enter the men and women's Royal Rumble match at the #30 spot, respectively.
Well, all four teams from this week's competition were strong contenders to win the contest. From Monday Night Raw, two undefeated teams went head to head. Team Country Dominance (Mickie James-Bobby Lashley) took on Team Monster Eclipse (Braun Strowman-Ember Moon). It meant one team had to suffer their first loss in Mixed Match Challenge.

Ember Moon and Mickie James started off the contest in an enraged fashion. The slugfest continued as the two male behemoths entered the contest and showed off their raw power. Lio Rush tried to interfere during the match, but Strowman threw his partner into the 23-year-old piece of gold.

Mickie James quickly launched herself into Ember Moon to even the contest. Braun Strowman got down from the ring and started chasing Lio Rush. He ran over Bobby Lashley to put him down outside the squared circle. Moon received the tag and hit an Eclipse on Mickie to pick up the win. Team Monster Eclipse retained streak as a result.
Same was the condition on Smackdown, as well. Undefeated Team Fenomenal Flair (AJ Styles-Charlotte Flair) was up against Team Awe-ska (The Miz-Asuka). But AJ could not compete on this week's episode after going through that rigorous WWE Championship match against Daniel Bryan. So Jeff Hardy teamed up with Charlotte Flair to keep the winning streak going for Fenomenal Flair.

Charlotte and Asuka started the match with a back-and-forth-going recreating a Wrestlemania rematch. The Miz tried to interfere, but Charlotte knocked him straight out of the ring. Asuka took advantage of the distraction and locked in her submission in the middle of the ring. The Miz and Jeff Hardy started a brawl to break the submission lock.

The Miz and Asuka started hitting the IT kicks on their opponents as a counter-attack. The Miz looked over-confident as Hardy delivered the Twist of Fate. Charlotte followed up the momentum with a huge spear on Asuka. She locked in the Figure-Eight leg-lock on Asuka to force her to tap out. Flair and Hardy celebrated to end this week's Mixed Match Challenge.

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