WWE wrestler Lacey Evans, RCMP officer video was staged, police say

RCMP officer and WWE wrestler Lacey Evans

A heated exchange between a WWE wrestler and an RCMP officer was staged, police have confirmed.

The video, which shows wrestler Lacey Evans shouting at the officer as she receives a speeding ticket, went viral over the weekend.

In the footage, the U.S. wrestler, who was in Edmonton for a WWE Live! show, asks the RCMP officer if he knows who she is.

“You should know exactly who I am,” she says when he confirms he doesn’t know her. “Ya nasty thing, I’ll pay the ticket… you have a terrible day, sir.”

The amused officer walks away from her car with a very Canadian: “Welcome to Edmonton.”

Now, Alberta RCMP say the incident on Highway 2 in Leduc County was pre-arranged.

A spokesman said: “The female motorist was stopped for a speeding infraction where a provincial offence notice was issued.

“Following the issuing of the ticket, the female motorist engaged in a courteous and polite conversation with the member where the motorist identified herself as a sports entertainer with World Wrestling Entertainment. She asked the member if he would participate in a rehearsed interaction on camera with her WWE persona. The member obliged.”