WWE internally planning for The Undertaker retirement


Bengaluru, April 8: The Boneyard Match at Wrestlemania 36 was a major attraction from WWE's perspective which helped to make the show a major success. It was the most-watched match on WWE's official YouTube channel, getting 1.5 million views.
The movie-like treatment to the bout was something that WWE Universe had never experienced. The Undertaker returned as the "Big Evil" on a Motorcycle for the first time in almost 16 years which was a fresh setup, as well.
The American Badass picked up a win over AJ Styles taking his Wrestlemania win-loss record to 25-2. Following the win, he shared a post on Instagram that fuelled up the speculations of his retirement. Also, during the promo for his upcoming series, The Last Ride, The Undertaker commented following about his retirement.
"I'm gonna go out with a match fitting The Undertaker. That's what separates being good - great - and being a legend."

According to the recent reports of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a lot of backstage talks are going on about The Undertaker hanging up his boots for good in 2020.
"There's a lot of talk that [The Undertaker] wanted to retire on a good note because he's had these bad matches. If that's the case, this would be the way to retire."
The fact that WWE was able to arrange such a wonderful match for The Undertaker fuelled up speculations of the retirement, even more. He always wanted to go into the sunset in a grand way and the time may be inching close.

On a related note, 2020 marks the 30th year of The Undertaker in WWE. A grand celebration is expected around him at Survivor Series in November where the most dedicated sports entertainer of all-time debuted, three decades ago. Perhaps, WWE would find out a fitting match to set the stage bigger so that he can receive a hero's farewell.

Meanwhile, Vince McMahon allowed The Undertaker to feature in the main event of Wrestlemania 36 night I so that he could accomplish a unique record in his career.
Putting the Boneyard Match last on the card ensured that 'Taker would have main-evented Wrestlemania for the 4th decade. It was his overall 5th main-event outing at the showcase of immortals. The full list is given below.
- WrestleMania 13 (1997): Defeated Sycho Sid in a No DQ match to win the WWF Championship
- WrestleMania 24 (2008): Defeated Edge to win the World Heavyweight Championship
- WrestleMania 26 (2010): Defeated Shawn Michaels in a "Streak vs. Career" match
- WrestleMania 33 (2017): Lost to Roman Reigns in a No Holds Barred match
- WrestleMania 36 - Night 1 (2020): Defeated AJ Styles in a Boneyard match

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