WWE Hall of Famer Edge speaks on return, journey to Wrestlemania 36 and more


Bengaluru, March 24: WWE Hall of Famer Edge made the 'return of the century' at Royal Rumble 2020. He was considered to be the greatest example of how a pro-wrestler puts his body on the line every night by stepping into the squared circle.

Back in 2011, he was forced to retire due to the neck's spinal stenosis condition. He was never supposed to get physical, ever, again until the unthinkable happened where WWE doctors medically cleared him to wrestle.
Now with less than two weeks away from Wrestlemania 36, Edge is scheduled to compete in his first singles contest in WWE against Randy Orton. This storyline has been one of the most organic of recent times that is producing a No Holds Barred match. Emotions are running high for him as the 11-time world champion steps back to the ring with his former Rated RKO partner.

While preparing for this match, the Rated R Superstar had an illustrious conversation with MyKhel regarding the whole experience he's having en route to the Grandest Stage of Them All. Starting from the feeling of this comeback, the current facility that WWE provides or why Wrestlemania is so important, this year, Edge opined it all in this sit-down.

Question: How does it feel being back in the WWE Universe?
Answer: The book was still continuing, but that chapter was done. So as the years passed and I'm feeling really good. Could you needed to come back and then you have to go through the whole process of coming back and getting a clearance to come back?
It was such a challenge for me and I thrive on challenges, you know. So, then it became the challenge to get back and do something. So that challenge got me through and then once I got back into the fold and then again that night at the Royal Rumble, that's when it all started becoming real.
I'm given that opportunity and I'm trusted with those things to do...to be involved in every aspect whether at the camera angle, whether it's you know, the name I hear, whether it's my son's coach, whether the music I need. As long as I have that creative outlet I get that, you know, I get that out of my system and then when I'm home I don't have that creative co-op. Basically, because I'm still doing my thing, I'm still being Adam but more importantly by being the best dad that makes some sense.
Q: How was being part of RAW at the WWE Performance Center?
A: It was very strange. I can't lie. It was very strange. I've been told that it's done somehow. I worked my way back into being able to do this again. And as all of this happens in this crazy miraculous comeback and then all of this happens. Because of the craziness of the whole situation, it is almost getting there. The other night it almost just felt like the next natural chapter of this thing because it's so unnatural and it was weird and it was what I had to do was just fairly quickly adapt to how are we going to do this? How do you do a promo to an empty room? Okay. Well, this is a theater monologue.
Q: What are your thoughts looking back on Royal Rumble 2020?
A: No matter what goes down, I'm prepared. So I never felt this. However at the Royal Rumble that was the first time that I ever felt nervous. I wasn't sure what to do with those nerves because like I said, I never had them. So I was standing down at the bottom of the stairs of the gorilla position at a baseball stadium. And you know, I just said and gotten good luck from Beth and from Christian and then ran into Lance Storm who's the producer now, in one of my closest friends.
Get a little motivational speech and then it was Hurricane. Shane Helms was the guy who was sending people out and he and I have known each other for a long time. We rode together with a lot of very good friends. And I think he saw look in my eyes that he's never seen before so she said hey man, you've done this a thousand times. You got this just brush it and it was so nice to have that circle of very close friends because there's a lot of new people in the company now that I don't know there's a lot of people that I haven't interacted. I just haven't been around up and down nine years. So to go from Beth and Jay, you know, my two closest confidants in the world to Lance to Hurricane. I mean they have and always will be in my tight circle. So that was comforting.

Q: Who is impressing you from NXT and NXT UK?
A: There's so many talented. I mean could you seriously point everyone on the roster? You really can't.
Oh, I absolutely right now want to meet the guy who is dialed in it lately, Finn Balor. It's exciting to watch him right now, to me. He with Gargano set the template of what an NXT match should be going forward. You know you got your workhorses. Like I'm cold is just out there. You know, we can go night after night in the grind and you just got a tip your hat to that guy. Keith Lee is so impressive man. I'd love to be up there to get a ring with that guy in and just show him exactly what he is and how he can be. Do you know what I mean? There are so many I like. Velveteen Dream to me is just this raw, completely natural.
When I look at NXT UK, if you know there's a lot of Moustache Mountain and come from there were Walter and Imperium. I've been watching those Imperium guys before they were in. And I really…really…enjoyed their stuff. There's just, you know, more than Webster.
Q: Why should people tune in to WrestleMania 36 on April 5th?
A: You know, I think this year, more than any year because we're well in the midst of something we've never quite experienced before the world truly needs Outlets.
Whether that's books whether…that's you know movies on your iPad… it would have ever it is just to be able to not go on your feet for a couple of hours and just try and forget and laugh and have fun and remember what it is to be human. That's why we're doing this and you know that's the reason that I gravitated to National wrestling when I was a kid and made me forget about the bully at school and made me forget about and any kind of you know anxiety. I had anything that was going on in my life. That's what it was for me as a kid. I forget about that stuff and just enjoy and get lost in that the Pomp and Circumstance of these larger-than-life characters and see where these storylines would go and how they would.

Q: What should people know about the WWE Performance Center?
A: It's just a factory from wrestling that there wasn't when I came in. You had to just go where you could to do, know to pick brains or two to try and get experience all of these things. You had to unify diets and workouts. Now, everything is just all Under One Roof and I mean you could say that is negative. I don't think it is. I think it's you know, what you're used the talent and opportunity to be able to concentrate on performance instead of worrying about where the next show is and how they're going to get to the next show of putting gas in the car and things like that. I would have been in so much better shape if I had to type it.
Q: If you could create a new original WWE Network show, what would it be?
A: Involving the zombie apocalypse and as Christian is about to be inducted in the Hall of Fame the zombie apocalypse breaks out throughout the arena. And then the chase is on and that we wrote a movie. I think that would be fun. Just a completely stupid ridiculous Christian movie with cameos by Kurt Angle with cameos by Steve Austin with cameos by whoever we have relationships with, of course, Tommy Dreamer, you know, it just I think that would be so much fun. And absolutely ridiculous.

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