WWE Friday Night SmackDown results and highlights: December 13, 2019


Bengaluru, December 14: Last night, the final taping before 2019 TLC went by as WWE presented the go-home edition of SmackDown for annual Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view.

Roman Reigns headlined the show as he was seeking vengeance against King Corbin, while Bray Wyatt scared away The Miz and his family in the latter's house. Also, multiple tag team matches were in-store for the show which took place at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
King Corbin was carried to the ring on his royal caravan to kick off SmackDown. Dolph Ziggler joined him in the ring to hail the king who boasted about his accomplishments in the WWE. Kofi Kingston and Big E interrupted the pair to make fun of them which made Corbin angry as he chose to leave the ring by pushing the mic off Kofi's hand.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville took on Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross in the opening match of SmackDown. Rose and Deville attacked their opponents at the gorilla position before bringing them out of the ring. The match started as Deville hit a sliding knee to take control, in the beginning.
Moments later, the heels went for a double suplex on Cross but Bliss pulls Rose out of the ring. Cross took advantage of the distraction and hit the swinging Neckbreaker to get the victory.

The next matchup on SmackDown featured Shorty G and Mustafa Ali against The Revival. G connected with a German Suplex whereas Ali executed a 450-splash but could not manage to get the three count. Ali hit a big elbow on Dawson and went for another aerial move but The Revival converted it into the Shatter Machine on him to secure the win.

SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley had a backstage altercation with Dana Brooke to set up the next match on the show. Bayley started with a slap on Brooke, who countered by nailing the champ with a sunset flip powerbomb. Bayley soon took a cheap shot to injure Brooke and hit the Bayley-to-belly to get the victory.

Bray Wyatt continued to haunt The Miz who was in LA with his family. During an interview with Renee Young, Miz heard his wife screaming on top of her voice. Miz ran into the room to find out Wyatt had made way to one of his kids' i-Pad.
One of the dolls was found painted as The Fiend which actually scared Miz's child, Monroe. The segment ended there as Wyatt aired an episode of Firefly Funhouse on the tron to send a warning to The Miz before TLC.

Heavy Machinery vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro took place next on SmackDown. Otis connected with the Caterpillar on Cesaro which received big pop from the crowd. But Sami Zayn distracted Otis as Cesaro sent him to the floor. Soon, Nakamura hit Tucker with a Kinshasa to get the win.

The main event of Kofi Kingston vs. King Corbin was converted into a tag team match following a brawl as The New Day competed against Corbin and Ziggler. The match, however, was disqualified as Corbin handcuffed Kofi and tried to use the chain. The Revival also joined them for a beatdown.
Roman Reigns made the save by fighting off the heels. He stood tall by sending Ziggler through the announce table with a Chokeslam off the ladder. Corbin retreated by talking trash on the ramp as SmackDown went off air.

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