WWE concerned over Seth Rollins’ title run, set for potential heel-turn?


Bengaluru, October 18: The 'burn it down' phrase is not exactly suited anymore with Seth Rollins the way fans have turned their back on him. He's joined the league of Roman Reigns or John Cena who had been on the receiving end of insane boos from the crowd despite being the prime babyface superstar on Monday Night Raw. Alongside this, the merchandise sales around Rollins has been a record low in recent times that raised concerns among the top officials of the company.
The latest update on the WWE Universal Champion is available courtesy of Slice Wrestling which indicates that his title run is in jeopardy. According to the source, 'WWE is having difficulty figuring out what booking decisions to make next for The King Slayer.' He might be moving into a WWE Universal Championship program with Drew McIntyre once Crown Jewel PPV passes by. WWE will judge how the fan reactions turn out to be for Rollins which will determine the conclusion of the rivalry.
This could also decide the fate of the Universal Championship as to whether Drew McIntyre becomes the next holder of the red-strapped belt. WWE will be working hell-bent on putting Seth Rollins over as a strong babyface champion. But if things fail miserably then there will be only one option left for the creative and that is to pull the trigger over his character. It will lead to an eventual 'heel-turn' for The Architect that he 'previously flourished in a Bad Guy role.'

The horrendous booking of the Hell In A Cell main event versus The Fiend Bray Wyatt has a lot to do with this worse condition of Seth Rollins. It damaged his status of being the poster boy of the Monday Night Raw brand. WWE officials tried to convince Vince McMahon for not going with the finish. But he went on to go with the disastrous end, as per the source,
"Vince McMahon designed the finish of the Fiend vs Rollins match and when backstage WWE directors/officials found out they tried to tell Vince McMahon that it was not a good idea to book The Fiend match to end in this fashion especially in a Hell In A Cell match.
Paul Heyman who is a big supporter of The Fiend character also tried to "speak up" and convince McMahon that this would be a huge mistake and it was. The Hell In A Cell card was finalized late Saturday/Early Sunday. Which left many wrestlers and producers without enough time to properly prepare for the show."

If this report is any indication then Seth Rollins will remain as the Universal Champion after Crown Jewel PPV. It makes sense since his opponent The Fiend Bray Wyatt now resides on SmackDown and WWE will certainly not send the Universal title to the blue brand alongside him. (They already have the WWE Championship on the show) So, it appears that the program between Rollins and McIntyre will decide whether the reigning champ ends 2019 with the gold around his waist.

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