WWE: Big title change planned at Crown Jewel to overshadow Jamal Khashoggi controversy


Bengaluru, Oct 26: WWE has kept Crown Jewel PPV intact despite controversies over journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia. This incident built pressure to cancel the show on November 2nd. But the biggest pro-wrestling promotion of the world has observed the situation and stayed strong in their decision to host the show as per its original schedule.
While many of the fans and USA wrestling fanatics might have not liked it, stars like Randy Orton spoke about the issue. In an interview with TMZ, the veteran wrestler re-affirmed the fact that canceling a show cannot be a solution to the problem. But going to the country and performing could make the situation better between the USA and Saudi Arabia.
Backlash is still going on, no matter what and WWE might have come up with a solution to overcome it. They might be going for a shocking championship change at the Crown Jewel PPV event. This would turn the attention of the fans to a completely new direction moving away from the ongoing controversy.

A reliable source like Wrestling Observer came up with the suggestion that we should not be surprised if AJ Styles dropped the WWE Championship at Crown Jewel. He is slated to defend the title in a dream match against Daniel Bryan. The setup of the match is rushed to some extent and it would be huge if Daniel Bryan ends up winning the title.
Furthermore, AJ Styles has been the champion for almost 350 days and is on his way to breaking the record of CM Punk with the title. It would be harsh to see him dropping the belt to Daniel Bryan where he remained successful against bitter rivals like Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe. Here are the updates from the source, (via wwfoldschool.com)
"According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE officials might book a major title change like Daniel Bryan defeating AJ Styles to win the WWE Championship at WWE Crown Jewel PPV in order to distract the fans who aren't happy with them doing a show in Saudi Arabia after the recent Jamal Khashoggi controversy."

This is just a wild speculation at this point, as clarified by the source. But desperate times force to come up with desperate things. If the officials feel that pressure is mounting, they might pull the trigger on the phenomenal one. Daniel Bryan winning back the WWE Championship after four years in Saudi Arabia can indeed be a pro-wrestling headliner.

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