WWE Announces Free Version of WWE Network is Now Available

There is finally some good news for WWE fans. World Wrestling Entertainment has announced that there will be a free version of their over the top streaming service WWE Network, from where over 15 thousand WWE related shows will be available.

According to the official website, the free version of WWE will include recent episodes of Raw, Smackdown, NXT. Apart from that some original WWE Network content too will be available.

The originals that will be made available include 'Monday Night Wars', 'Ride Along', 'Table for 3', 'Photo Shoot' and 'Story Time'.

Jayar Donlan, WWE Executive Vice President, Advanced Media said, “The launch of WWE Network’s Free Version is a key component of our company’s digitization strategy and a new way for all fans to be able to experience premium WWE content.

"As we continue to reimagine WWE Network’s offering, the Free Version will serve as an effective way to reach a broader group of consumers and allow them to experience the history and spectacle of WWE.”

The WWE app can now be downloaded for free on any device of your choice including, TVs, gaming consoles, mobile phones, tablets and computers

Even though the free version offers a lot of content to keep wrestling fans entertained for quite a while it does not include some shows and series, including Undertaker: The Last Ride, said a report published in Game Rant.

To access the content that is not available for free people can subscribe to the streaming service by paying $10 (approx. Rs. 750 + taxes) per month.