Wuhan wet market a smokescreen by Chinese government says virologist Dr. Li-Meng

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New Delhi, Sep 23: Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist has claimed that the novel coronavirus was made in a government controlled laboratory in Wuhan. She also asserted that she has scientific proof to ascertain the claim.

The top scientist who is working in Hong Kong claimed that she discovered a cover-up operation during her probe and said that the Chinese government was aware about the spread of the virus before publicly acknowledging it. She had become the whistleblower against the Chinese government over its handling of the pandemic. In December last year, she was tasked with looking into a closer of Sars like cases coming out of mainland China. She was allegedly forced to flee to the United States over safety concerns.

Virologist Dr. Li-Meng says COVID-19 Made in Wuhan lab, controlled by Chinese government

In an interview with WION she said that the Chinese government was aware about the spread of the virus. She also said that the Wuhan wet market is just a smokescreen from the Chinese Communist Party. She also said that the Chinese government is now trying to tarnish her reputation through the social media, conduct cyber attacks on her and intimidate her family in China.

On September 11, she had taken part in an interview on British talk show, "Loose Women." She spoke about her research from a secret location. She said that she conducted two researches on the new pneumonia in China between December last and early January. She shared the results with her supervisor, who is a World Health Organisation consultant.

While she expected the supervisor to do the right thing on behalf of the Chinese government, she was however surprised when asked to maintain silence. Had she not maintained silence, she would have been made to disappear, she also said.

None responded. People are scared of the government and are waiting to collaborate with the government and WHO to get more benefits to become safe, but this was something urgent, she also said.

Dr. Li-Meng also said that she was facing threats. I knew, if I did not tell the world the truth, I would regret it, she also said. On January 17, she contacted a famous Chinese YouTuber in the US. The expose which was in Chinese explained- The Chinese government was just covering the virus. Human to human transmission of the disease already existed. Sars-CoV-2 is a high mutant virus that would become an outbreak soon.

The Wuhan seafood market and. The intermediate hosts for the vires were just a smokescreen.

The virus is not from nature. This is based on the China Military Institute that discovered and owned some bad coronavirus named CC45 and ZXC41. Based on that, after lab modification becomes a novel virus.

She also rejected reports that suggested that the virus emerged from wet markets. My intelligence is from the CDCs in China, from local doctors and other people around China, she said. She said that she is working on a scientific report since January along with a small group of top scientists. I will soon publish the findings, eps said. We are going to publish it. There are two reports, the first will come in several days and it will tell the people about the scientific evidence.

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The genome sequence is like out human fingerprint. Based on this you can recognise and identify this thing. I used the evidence from the existing in the genome sequence of Sars-CoV-2 to tell people why this came from China and why they were the only one who made it.

Even those with any knowledge of biology can read it. You can check, identify and verify it yourself. It is the critical thing for us to know the origins of the virus, failing which it will be life threatening for everyone, Dr. Li-Meng also said.

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