WTF : These Memes On Chhapaak Are Utterly Shameful And Demean Acid Attack Survivors!

Amar Singh Rathore

Chhapaak raised a strong question on the state of acid attack survivors in the nation and yet, there is still a lot of indifference and mockery going around the film which is utterly shameful. Read on…

What we loved the most in Chhapaak is that the acid survivors haven’t been shown as victims but victorious  The hard-hitting dialogues, heartfelt performances and telling about a strong cause with a progressive mindset sums up the whole film.  But still as there are regressive and twisted minds out there, they don’t even spare a film with such a strong message like Chhapaak and have made several memes on the same. And all is being done in the name of ‘dark humor’ but sorry this is exactly what it is not! We really have to say it out that these memes are not funny or entertaining to say the least rather they are demeaning and utterly shameful. They also take a lot away from the movie’s purpose and clearly shows how people think & believe that the stories of acid-attack survivors are insignificant & indifferent to them.

One meme in particular left us shocked in horror and made us think about the psyche of people living in our society. It read, (This could be you ‘Par tu maan gayi’) which means that just because you said yes, you are safe and did not face an acid attack! Wow, slow claps!

This meme in particular was so disturbing that it made me doubt and question that do men have even an iota of sensibility and humanity left anymore? But wait, there are more jokes around the same issue because what will be a better topic to joke upon in a country where woman safety is already a myth and where gender-violence prevails loud & clear!

We strongly condemn these insensitive memes and

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