Wrong picture of coke's founder identified at auction

London, Dec. 30 (ANI): The founder of Coca-Cola, Doc Pemberton had a manly face, thick beard and heavy head-of-hair, a handsome face any global brand would happily like to see at the helm to help boost their corporate image, it has been revealed.

However, the traditional appearance of Doc Pemberton, the 19th century pharmacist who invented Pemberton's French Wine Coca which later became Coca-Cola, has now been canned.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the real brains behind Coke were actually a man with rather less attractive facial qualities.

A recently purchased picture claiming to be the only original picture of Doc from 1888, showed him slight with balding look certainly not as good-looking as the image the company promotes as its figurehead, the Daily Mail reports.

Richard Lipack, the antique dealer selling the image, claimed that Coke is actually using photos of Doc's distant relative, John Clifford Pemberton, to sell their wares, the report said.

According to the report, and though he may have a good beard and strong chest, he is actually a rather unpopular confederate general, rather than Doc, a man who may have died impoverished but who conjured up one of the world's biggest soft drink brands.

A man who does not seem to mind either way is Delwin Philbrick, the Maine well-driller who paid 17,825 dollars for the 1888 photograph at an auction, the report added. (ANI)