Wow weekend: ‘No late-night parties, I’d rather catch up on my sleep’

No specific time

For Sanjeev Kapoor, there is nothing like a weekend designated for relaxation. He says, “In my profession we don’t really get any days off! All days of the week are the same – they have 24 hours and I want to make the most of them. 

If I get a day off and it happens to be a weekend I definitely try to catch up on some drumming and spend time with family over a good lunch of dinner.” 

Morning person

Chef Kapoor reads, whenever he can and steers clears of late-night parties. He shares, “I’d rather catch up on my sleep at night.” But be it a Sunday or a Monday, Sanjeev claims, “I am a morning person. It’s the best time of the day for me, so I don’t sleep till late on Sundays.”

Hosting friends

Since his work involves a lot of travel, if he is in Mumbai on a weekend, he says, “I would rather be home.” Sanjeev divulges, “Alyona and I travel and work together a lot, so on weekends in Mumbai we usually spend time with our kids and extended family. 

Besides that we also have a close knit group of friends who we have known for years and hosting them at home is always fun. We bond over our mutual love for good food and music.”

Fitness mantra

Sanjeev says, “I have a small gym at home and a personal trainer sets a regimen, which I follow diligently, but it largely depends upon my work schedule and travel itinerary.

My fitness mantra is to have a healthy lifestyle – which is a combination of exercise, diet, good sleep and a positive state of mind. It is what helps me stay fit. Also, I love walking. I’d rather take the staircase instead of an elevator, wherever possible.”

Thank God It’s Monday

No ‘Thank God it's Friday’ for him, he laughs, “I think I am more of a ‘Thank God it’s Monday!’ kind of a person. Monday morning blues? What’s that? I love Mondays and I love mornings! I am always excited about going to work and I think everyone should be too.”

Weekend plans

What are his plans for the coming weekend?

“This weekend is work, work and some more work,” beams a joyous Sanjeev.