Wow! Rosesh of ‘Sarabhai’ Fame Is Now Busy Farming In Bihar

Actor Rajesh Kumar, popularly known as Rosesh Sarabhai of the TV series Sarabhai vs Sarabhai no long starts his day by being stuck in a traffic jam on his way for a shoot in Mumbai. Instead, he now begins his day at sunrise by milking his cows in Barma, his native village in Bihar.

The 42-year-old actor has relocated himself to Barma for the last 6 months and is guiding the farmers there to adopt a “zero-budget spiritual farming” method that does not use chemicals and is completely organic. Rajesh has been farming on his 10-acre plot of land and growing vegetables, fruits and crops that he says are totally chemical free.

Rajesh Kumar aka Rosesh Sarabhai has moved to Barma.

Besides promoting spiritual farming, Rajesh has been helping the local farmers set up a Farmer Produce Organisation (FPO) in Barma and he’s finally got electricity to the area after constantly running after the electricity department in the district. In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, Rajesh says that his interest in organic farming started after he visited Barma and saw how his father had converted their ancestral land there from a wasteland into a farm.

The Sarabhai vs Sarabhai actor also took inspiration from a college friend who had taken to organic farming in Sasaram village in Bihar, and influenced another 100 farmers to take it up also.

Rajesh Kumar in action on his farm in Barma.

Now, Rajesh also wants to change the perception that farmers are always poverty stricken. He strongly believes that if farmers adopt his technique of spiritual farming, they can earn 40% more than what they usually do.

While Rajesh is happy to have left his hectic life in Mumbai behind him, his fans would want to see him as Rosesh Sarabhai once again, even if it’s to just hear him rattle out another one of his torturous poems - this time on the life of a farmer perhaps.

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