These Are The Worst Hindi Films Of 2018

Ankur Pathak
Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt in 'Sanju.'

Given the number of movies, the Hindi film industry churns out in a year, it’s impossible for good films to outnumber the bad ones.

However, 2018 turned out to be an exceptional year for Bollywood. Yes, like every year, we made some awful, awful films, along with some really good ones.

From a film that brazenly embraced a sympathetic narrative while telling the story of a convicted criminal to an action movie that legitimised a piece of fake news, below is a list of films, some of which were woefully irresponsible in their messaging while some were just plain torturous to sit through, despite having access to all the resources required to helm a reasonably good film. 

Here is a list of the absolutely worst Hindi films of 2018.

Baaghi 2

As a wave of hyper-nationalism engulfs India, Bollywood isn’t far behind in cashing on the problematic populist sentiment.

However, what Ahmed Khan did with Baaghi 2 was far more dangerous ― it legitimised a piece of fake news in its opening scene. Although there are several issues that make Baaghi 2 a film that shouldn’t have been made, the opening scene showed Tiger Shroff’s Army Man character tying up a stone-pelter on the front of his jeep and using him as a human shied to get through a lane of stone-pelters. “Patthar phekne tak theek tha, par tiranga ko nahi jalana chaiye tha,” Shroff says.

While the scene obviously mirrored a real-life incident that occurred in Kashmir from April 2017, there was no evidence found by the cops to suggest that the man, Farooq Ahmed Dar, was a stone-pelter or someone who burnt the national flag (as was circulated on WhatsApp). Essentially, Baaghi 2, a film that fetishises jingoism, picked up a piece of fake news and gave it mainstream credibility. Sure, it’s a fictional film, but in a climate when the truth itself is under attack, mirroring a real-life incident and subverting it to fit an ideological cannon is a deeply reckless thing to do.

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