'Worst First lady': Jim Carrey Bids Farewell to Melania Trump with This Cartoon, Thanks Her 'For Nothing'

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After the conclusion of one of the most polarised elections in the history of the United States, supporters on both sides of the political spectrum have expressed strong opinions on the results. While some people buy the departed former President Donald Trump's allegations of a rigged election, others have hailed the results as the true will of the people and celebrated in a not so subtle manner.

Hollywood actor and comedian Jim Carrey falls in the latter category who has been very vocal against the Trump administration. His reaction after the results now has drawn mixed reactions from people.

The veteran actor on Saturday posted a caricature of departed First Lady Melania Trump on Twitter along with some harsh comments. While bidding goodbye to Melania, Carrey called her the worst First Lady. "Oh... And goodbye worst first lady. I hope the settlement can finance your life in the shallow end. Thx for nothing," wrote Carrey.

Carrey’s comment seems to be based on the assumption that the Trumps have not been on very good terms and might end up getting divorced. The Twitter post has been liked by more than 32,000 users. While some people found it funny, others thought it was just mean.

One user mocked Melania saying that with her settlement money, she will be able to buy more of former First Lady Michelle Obama’s speeches “to steal from.” To those who are not in the know, there were allegations made against Melania by some quarters that her speech on the first day of the Republican National Convention resembled that of Mrs Obama's 2008 convention speech.

Another user found Carrey’s art "a pretty good likeness of the lady." "You have captured apathy and vapidity," he wrote.

"I'm glad you showed the scar on her forehead from the cranial evacuation surgery, it's usually hard to see under all the makeup and botox," read another comment.

Some users said that the mockery was uncalled for and a bit too much.

This one user suggested Carrey let the matter go and focus on something positive.

Another user found Carrey’s comment disgraceful.

Yet another user asked Carrey to not target Melania.

Earlier this month after the Capitol Hill incident, Jim Carrey had posted a similar caricature of Donald Trump. He called Trump a killer clown, who "didn’t just come to take lives" but to "murder the truth and weaponize ignorance".

Earlier in October, the Emmy-winning comedy show Saturday Night Live, known for their hilarious political satires, took on the US vice presidential debate between Democrat nominee Kamala Harris and current VP Mike Pence.

However, apart from the debate, it was the surprise appearance of the iconic fly on Pence’s hair played by Jim Carrey that stole the show.