World's Richest Man Jeff Bezos is Superstitious and Here's What He Wears to 'Combat' it

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Even after being an aerospace engineer the CEO of the multinational technology company, Amazon, Jeff Bezos calls himself “a little bit superstitious”.

On his visit to India, the Amazon CEO attended the Amazon exclusive Fireside Chat With Jeff Bezos.

In the show hosted by Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan and director Zoya Akhtar, Jeff spoke about his Human Spaceflight start-up, Blue Origin.

During the interaction, the World’s richest man revealed that he is superstitious and believes in power. Jeff said that he has a special pair “lucky boots” that he wears every time a space vehicle is launched.

“I wear them every time we launch our space vehicle. We only had one failure at the very beginning of the programme, and that's the only time I did not wear the lucky boots, hence providing the evidence,” he said.

Jeff had earlier shared his superstitious on social media. Back in April 2019, the entrepreneur took a photo donning the pair of big and flashy “lucky boots", leaning on his space vehicle. For the caption, he wrote, “The lucky boots worked again. Huge kudos and thanks to the entire @BlueOrigin team.”