World's Most Pierced Man with a Record of 450 Piercings Shows off His 'Devil Horns’

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The Guinness Book of World Records has some of the most random records. One of these records is registered to German man Rolf Buchholz, who holds the record for the most number of piercings in a human body.

The 60-year-old German man has over more than 450 piercings in his body. Out of these, more than half, around 278 piercings are on his penis alone. For his love of piercings, Buchholz was verified by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most pierced man, back in 2010.

Buchholz recently participated in the 10th International Brussels Tattoo Convention, which took over last weekend. While he is known for his piercings, the highlight of the event was his ‘devil horns’. He got the horns implanted. The subdermal implants cost him up to £1,500 (Rs 1.37 lakhs).

However, it is not the first case of human horns. The first recorded set of human horns belonged to American sideshow performer The Enigma. These horns are either made of Teflon, coral or silicone. They are later inserted beneath the skin of the forehead.

Buchholz is often spotted for his unique look. He also has a number of tattoos and to get some extra attention, the man also tattooed his eyes. When Buchholz was asked if the piercings on his penis cause any problem in his sex life, he replied, “It’s not a problem at all. I have had the piercings already so long, if there was a problem, I would have got rid of them already long ago.”

While he usually does no counter problems of the piercings, he was once held at the airport security in Dubai, where people considered him to be a man who practices ‘black magic.’ He added, “Those who escorted me back to the airplane said that it was because of the way I looked and that it was because I am black magic.”