On #WorldBookDay, know why reading is the best hobby ever

Shalini Ojha

On #WorldBookDay, know why reading is the best hobby ever

23 Apr 2018: On #WorldBookDay, know why reading is the best hobby ever

There is something so romantic, lovely and satisfying about reading a book which is indescribable.

I remember picking 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen in 7th standard and never leaving the reading habit since.

The joy of starting a new story, living lives of characters, rooting for a happy ending, and understanding the world better, all comes as part of the 'reading deal'.

Here are 5 reasons why you should read too.

Fact: No better occasion than World Book Day to start reading

Today, 23rd April, Monday, is 21st World Book Day. Designated by UNESCO, World Book Day is a celebration of books, authors, illustrators, and reading habit in general. If you have not inculcated reading as a habit yet, there is no better day to start.

A smarter you: Become a more knowledgeable version of yourself

If nothing else, one should read to become smarter. Avid readers have a logical explanation to back their statements and they display a greater understanding of how things work.

Reading also improves your vocabulary and helps you express better.

All in all, if you lose everything, your job or money, your knowledge will always be by your side. Thanks to reading!

Dive into imagination: Reading introduces you to a world you didn't know existed

In Dance of Dragons, George RR Martin wrote, "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one."

And it's true. Whether you are sniffing a fiction or non-fiction book, you are taken deep into a different universe.

The stories of characters flex your imagination and you live a life that isn't yours, without actually living it.

'Books' besties': You don't need friends, if you have a book along

How often do we complain about not having friends to hang out with? Well, with a book with you, you won't pray for a companion ever.

Whether you are stuck in traffic, traveling alone in a public transport, or are just feeling lonely, all you need to do is pick a book. Bid adieu to loneliness, instantly.

The never-ending gift: Science backs reading: It improves emotional intelligence, reduces depression

If you are a beginner and want scientific reasons to take up reading, there are plenty.

According to a 2014 study, reading fiction improves emotional intelligence as you live the protagonist's life.

A survey in the UK concluded 76% people attributed reading to their feeling of happiness.

Another survey by 'The Reading Agency' found reading lowered the risk of dementia, and promoted greater memory.

Better human beings: In a world of hatred, reading makes you empathetic

We live in difficult times where anger seems to have trumped every other emotion.

More time spent on social media, and less on books, has decreased the sense of empathy among people.

A book brings hope during these trying times. A 2013 study showed reading helped people understand what others are thinking, in a better way.

Convinced? Go pick that book and live a different life.