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  • Crackdown fuels migration crisis within Africa
    Crackdown fuels migration crisis within Africa

    By Makini Brice DAKAR (Reuters) - Papa Demba Sow left Senegal two years ago hoping to make a better life in the oil-rich central African country of Gabon but in July he was arrested by police, thrown in jail for a month and deported along with hundreds of other Africans. Gabon, whose oil reserves have given its 1.5 million people amongst the highest per-capita income in Africa, has long been a magnet for migrants from countries like Senegal, an arid West African state with a tradition of emigration dating back decades. Sow, a 33-year-old welder, went to Gabon to join family members already living there but said it had become extremely hard to obtain residency.

  • National emissions plans too weak to limit climate change -  …
    National emissions plans too weak to limit climate change -  …

    By Alister Doyle BONN, Germany (Reuters) - National plans for limiting greenhouse gas emissions fall short of tough action needed to slow climate change under a United Nations agreement due in Paris in December, European researchers said on Wednesday. The Climate Action Tracker (CAT), produced by four European research organisations, assessed 15 major nations' strategies for the period beyond 2020 and found seven were "inadequate", including those of Japan, Australia and Canada. Six were "medium", including those submitted by top emitters China, the United States and the European Union.

  • Swiss freeze millions amid investigations of Malaysian fund
    Swiss freeze millions amid investigations of  Malaysian fund

    Swiss authorities said on Wednesday they had frozen funds in Swiss banks amid investigations of Malaysia's troubled state investment fund, 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), on suspicion of corruption and money laundering. Both Swiss and Malaysian authorities are conducting inquiries concerning the fund, whose advisory board is chaired by Prime Minister Najib Razak. "The Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland (OAG) has frozen assets amounting to several tens of millions of U.S. dollars on Swiss bank accounts," an OAG spokeswoman said by email in response to an enquiry.

  • Migrants shut Eurostar trains to UK; dead wash up on Turkish …
    Migrants shut Eurostar trains to UK; dead wash up on Turkish …

    By John Pullman and Marton Dunai CALAIS, France/BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Hundreds of migrants poured overnight onto the high-speed railway linking Paris with London near the French port of Calais, stranding passengers in darkness aboard Eurostar trains. Photos of a drowned toddler face down in the surf spread quickly across the Internet, yet another searing image from Europe's worst migration crisis since the 1990s Balkan wars. Outside a Budapest train station, an angry crowd camped out demanding to board trains for Germany, as Europe's asylum system crumbled under the strain of the influx.

  • Pakistan air strikes kill at least 31, as offensive continue …

    By Hafiz Wazir WANA, Pakistan (Reuters) - Air strikes carried out by Pakistani forces have killed at least 31 people in the country's volatile northwest, officials said, as an offensive against the Pakistani Taliban continues on several fronts. Warplanes bombarded the Shawal Valley on Wednesday, killing at least 17 suspected militants, intelligence officials told Reuters. Abdul Rehman, a resident of the nearby village of Mana, told Reuters by telephone that he had heard the bombardment, but could not reach the targeted area to see the extent of the damage.

  • Car bomb kills 10 in coastal stronghold of Syria's Assad

    By Suleiman Al-Khalidi AMMAN (Reuters) - At least 10 people were killed and dozens wounded when a car bomb exploded in the Syrian city of Latakia on Wednesday, state television said, in a rare attack in a coastal stronghold of President Bashar al-Assad. Latakia has so far been largely spared the violence that has ravaged Syria during more than four years of civil war in which about a quarter of a million people have been killed. In recent months, rebel attacks on government-held neighbourhoods in the capital Damascus and in Aleppo city have risen, with dozens of civilians killed or wounded.

  • Sudanese poachers kill elephants amid Central Africa chaos -UN …

    By Louis Charbonneau UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Sudanese poachers have been taking advantage of the chaos in conflict-torn Central African Republic and are killing elephants for their ivory and other wild animals, an expert panel that monitors U.N. sanctions said in a confidential report seen by Reuters. Central African Republic (CAR) descended into chaos in March 2013 when predominantly Muslim Seleka rebels seized power, triggering reprisals by "anti-balaka" Christian militias who drove tens of thousands of Muslims from the south in a de facto partition of the landlocked country. One of the main problems is trafficking in "blood diamonds." In May two groups of some 200 poachers from Sudan were active in eastern CAR, killing elephants and other wild animals, according to the report.

  • Migrants resume protests in Budapest, riot police line up
    Migrants resume protests in Budapest, riot police line up

    BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Hundreds of migrants resumed protests in front of Budapest's main railway terminus on Wednesday, with riot police lining up on one side of the square. There was no sign of violence but sentiment was palpably tense, with one migrant holding up a sign saying, "We are under siege." Earlier, migrants briefly blocked a main road at the terminus. (Reporting by Krisztina Than; Writing by Sandor Peto; Editing by Mark Heinrich)

  • Migrant tragedies dampen Syrian refugees’ hope of safe passage …
    Migrant tragedies dampen Syrian refugees’ hope of safe passage …

    Aid cuts have aggravated their already squalid living conditions, and have pushed some of Lebanon's 1.2 million Syrian refugees to seek illegal passage to Europe, including by sea. "I'd take my children and go today if there were a legal and organised way to emigrate," his wife, Saba, said.

  • Greece makes arrests, takes steps to tackle migrant crisis
    Greece makes arrests, takes steps to tackle migrant crisis

    Greek authorities detained six foreigners for suspected human trafficking on Wednesday as the interim government announced new new measures to tackle a crisis that has seen hundreds of migrants and refugees arriving on Greek shores every day. Four Bulgarians and two Turkish citizens were detained in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki for trafficking 103 migrants from Turkey to Greece, a police official said on Wednesday. The traffickers had charged the Syrian migrants 2,000 euros ($2,257) per head to transport them to Greece and then on to Macedonia.



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