World War Two leftover Nazi bomb causes ruckus at Olympic site

London, Mar 15(ANI): A digger at an Olympic construction site in East London discovered a Nazi bomb deemed as a left over from the blitzkrieg.

This resulted in lots of bedlam at the site, leading construction crews to runaway amid fears the World War Two relic might explode.

The scare of the 1 kg bomb cut short work to clear a site for four temporary indoor basketball courts in East London. The work resumed four hours later when police arrived and took away the bomb.

"No one knew whether it was still dangerous but no one was taking any chances. The lads got clear of it. We've been worried about bombs from Al-Qaeda at the Games but didn't reckon on getting one from Hitler," The Sun quoted a source, as saying.

A full-time bomb disposal expert was overseeing work after locals warned the area was previously used as a tip for unexploded Nazi ordnance.

Officials confirmed the bomb was 'safely removed'. A spokesman said: "At no time were nearby people or property put at risk and work has now resumed." (ANI)