World Tourism Day 2020 Special: From Virtual Tours to Flights to Nowhere, How The Idea of Traveling is Changing Amid The Pandemic

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The deadly disease of Coronavirus has still gripped around the world as the cases continue to rise in some countries from months. From the month of March, parts of the world went into a lockdown and everyone's travel plans are severely affected. Many people not only put their plans on hold but several people had to cancel all of their tickets and reservations since COVID-19 forced everything to shut their doors, more so the domestic and international borders. As things start getting back to normal gradually, people are still not too comfortable to venture out like before, with no worry in the world. The pandemic has indeed got in new travel trends, like virtual tours, remote holidaying or the flights to nowhere. On this tourism day 2020, let us look at how travelling within and post the pandemic might look like. Travel Jobs That Must Get Their Due Credit And Become Acceptable.

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Virtual Tours

From the months of March and April, almost every country across the globe imposed a lockdown. There were travel restrictions within the country, forget venturing across borders. Those who were out of their hometowns were stuck away for a while. Amid this, we saw a growing trend of virtual tours, especially in parks and museums. Several zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, museums let their tourists visit them virtually. Virtual tourism involved sitting in the comfort of your homes and moving about the place using 3D visuals.

Remote Holidays or Remote Working Opportunities

As things start going back to normal with international travels soon starting, several places started offering the ideas of remote working or remote holidaying. With social distancing a must to follow, heading to crowded tourist places is a No-No. So resorts began to offer month-long stays that guaranteed remoteness. Workation or work-from-resort trend has come in where hotels and resorts are offering longer duration stay packages. Working from new and much serene locations is upcoming trend in India as well as abroad. Want to Work From Home by The Beach? Bermuda Islands is Offering Year-Long Stays For Remote Workers, Know How to Apply.

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Book Your 'Socially Distant' Spot

To ensure social distancing is followed, apps are being used. People can now book their spot on a beach at Rio de Janeiro. People could book their space in sand well in advance through an app and ensure they do not end up going on a crowded beach with no place for themselves. People head to the beach over the weekends and to keep the crowds in control, this app was suggested by the Mayor here.

Flights to Nowhere

Another concept gaining popularity is the flights to nowhere. This one prioritises the journey than the destination. A flight takes off and drops off at the same point but gives a scenic view of popular tourist spots by flying over them. Recently, Qantas Airlines experimented for a Queensland tour and it was a hit as it sold out within a few minutes. The concept is being developed and adapted in different countries as well.

These are some of the trends seen in recent times amid the coronavirus pandemic. If you too are making plans to travel somewhere, please ensure all the safety guidelines are followed at the place of stay. Try and travel by your own personal vehicle and wear a mask at all times.

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