World Poetry Day: 10 Instagram poets to follow when you run out of words

Oshin Fernandes

Ever since the advent of Instagram, the photo sharing platform has evolved into multiple folds over the years. It has become more than a medium for just pictorial memories but also other kinds of activities like shopping, campaigns and as of now poems. On World Poetry Day, we list down popular Instagram poets who can be of much help if you happen to run out of words.

Arunoday Singh- @sufisoul

Harnidh Kaur- @harnidhk

Nikita Gill- @nikita_gill

Khawaja Musadiq- @poetofblues

Pratishtha Khattar- @_paradoxandmetaphors_

Pavana Reddy- @mazadohta

Lisa Rani Ray- @protestpoet

Vinati- @writingsofvinati

Sanket Singh- @nazm_aise_bhi

Akif Kichloo- @akifkichloo