World Obesity Day 2021 aims to encourage practices to achieve and maintain healthy weight

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The medical condition of obesity is the excessive increase in body fat, and can lead to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart risks.

On 4 March, World Obesity Day is observed to encourage practices among people that can help them in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. As per World Health Organisation (WHO), since 1975, the rate of obesity has tripled. People from all ages and both developed and developing countries are affected by obesity.

World Obesity Day 2021 theme

This year, World Obesity Day is going to be observed with the theme of 'Every body Needs Everybody.' In the official video released by WHO, it said that obesity is not just an issue of weight but is a disease. Stating that people with obesity need respect, care, protection and policy change, WHO urged that everybody should come together to drive change.

World Obesity Day 2021 objectives

The four main objectives of World Obesity Day 2021 are increasing awareness, encouraging advocacy, improving policies and sharing experiences. WHO aims to make people aware of the fact that obesity is a disease while also changing the way the diseases are addressed in the society.

In addition, the objective is that policy makers prioritise obesity as a health issue and thus create the required support system for people with the condition.

Lastly, Obesity Day is also an opportunity for people living with obesity to come forward and share their experiences with others. They can share their struggles to change the conversations and policies around the issue.

World Obesity Day and COVID-19 pandemic

On the occasion of World Obesity Day 2021, WHO has released a report titled 'COVID-19 and Obesity: The 2021 Atlas'. The report addresses the issue of a high risk of death due to COVID-19 in people with obesity. It adds that not just COVID-19 but conditions involving respiratory viruses adversely affect people with obesity more.

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