World’s Heaviest Woman Eman Ahmed Loses 250 Kg in Two Months

Eman Ahmed weighed over 500 kg when she was flown in from Egypt to Mumbai for treatment.

The world’s heaviest woman Eman Ahmed shed 250 kg in a span of two months, surprising doctors monitoring her progress, read a statement released on Wednesday by Mumbai’s Saifee hospital, where Ahmed has been admitted.

36-year-old Ahmed weighed over 500 kg when she was flown in from her native town Alexandria in Egypt, in February. She was put on a special liquid diet by the doctors to enable weight reduction that will facilitate a stomach-shrinking bypass procedure, reported Deccan Chronicle. The diet helped Ahmed lose around 100 kg a month, resulting in her transformed structure.

Ahmed can now fit in a wheelchair and sit for longer hours than earlier. Speaking to Hindustan Times, Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, doctor in-charge of Ahmed’s treatment, said that her health has also improved considerably owing to the weight-loss. “Her heart, kidneys and lungs are functioning better, and her water retention levels are also under control”, he said.

Ahmed was struck by elephantiasis as a child, which resulted in an abnormal swelling of her limbs. Ahmed has also survived a series of strokes, and is paralysed from her right side. The cause of her right-side paralysis is still unknown, and the doctors are waiting for Ahmed to lose more weight, so as to be able to fit her into the CT scan machine.

She also suffers from hypertension, high blood-pressure, sleep deprivation and diabetes. The doctors are further attempting to procure an obesity drug from the US, which is expected to hasten Ahmed’s weight-loss process.