World’s Heaviest Woman Eman Ahmed Passes Away in Abu Dhabi

Eman Ahmed, once known as the world’s heaviest woman, passed away in Abu Dhabi on Monday at 4:35 am. According to Burjeel Hospital, it was a result of her underlying comorbid conditions, including heart disease and kidney dysfunction.

The Egyptian national had come to India for a weight loss treatment, and underwent bariatric surgery at Saifee hospital in Mumbai.

After a public spat between her family and her doctors at Saifee, she left the country for Abu Dhabi on 4 May, having spent three months at the hospital. Burjeel Hospital, where she was admitted in Abu Dhabi, had said she came in with several complications, including a serious heart issue.

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“She had been under the supervision of over 20 doctors from different specialities, who were managing her medical condition from the time she arrived in the UAE,” the hospital’s statement said.

It also stated that Eman's family expressed their appreciation of the care and treatment provided to her by Burjeel Hospital.

Eman’s journey and stay in India ended at a sour note. Doctors at Saifee had said the surgery and diet regime they gave Ahmed helped her lose more than 300 kg. On the other hand, Shaima called surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala and the hospital “liars”, saying that her condition was critical and the hospital only cared about putting on a show for the media. These allegations were denied by Dr Ladakwala and his team.

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