World Hand Hygiene Day 2021: Know WHO's Slogan, Campaign and How to Wash Your Hands Properly

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Hygiene has been always considered to be one of the essential requirements for a place or a person to do well in whatever they strive to do. With the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of hygiene, especially hand hygiene, has become paramount. Hence on May 5, when we commemorate the World Hand Hygiene Day, it is important that we remember to wash and sanitise our hands as frequently as possible.

This year, the World Health Organisation has called on healthcare workers and facilities to reach the effective hand hygiene action at the point of care or the place where three things –the patient, the healthcare worker, and care or treatment — come together that involves contact with the patient or their surroundings. Washing hands and using sanitiser frequently gained utmost importance since the coronavirus took over the world.

According to WHO, hand hygiene should be performed when it is needed, in the most effective way by using the right technique with readily available products at the point of care to be effective and prevent transmission of infectious microorganisms during health care delivery. The slogan for this year’s campaign is: Seconds save lives – clean your hands!

The WHO has also recommended the right technique to wash your hands which says that a person should spend at least 20 seconds to thoroughly clean the body part to ensure any kind of virus or potential infection is wiped out.

Follow these steps to ensure that your are washing your hands correctly:

Step 1: Wet your hands with water and apply enough liquid soap or soap bar to create a good lather.

Step 2: Now, spread the soap on your palms to other areas of your hands in circular motions.

Step 3: Do not forget to clean the back of your hands and the area between your fingers.

Step 4: Now interlock your fingers and in a back and forth motion to clean the area.

Step 5: Run your fingertips and nails across the palm of your other hand to ensure its cleaning.

Step 6: Do not forget to clean your thumbs as well.

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