World’s Fastest Bullet Train Begins in China, Covers Beijing-Shanghai Distance in 4.5 Hours at 350 kmph: All You Need to Know News Desk
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Beijing, Sep 21: China on Thursday relaunched the world’s fastest bullet train, running at an average speed of 350 kilometres per hour, from Beijing to Shanghai. The bullet train ‘Fuxing’, which means Rejuvenation, will cover a total of 1,250-kilometres (777-miles) from the capital to Shanghai in just 4 hours and 30 minutes. The bullet train has a sophisticated monitoring system, among other features, which automatically reduces the speed of the train when it detects an emergency.

The world’s fastest bullet train was launched six years after China reduced the speed of its trains following a deadly crash.The bullet train will start operating from September 21. The bullet train will start operating from September 21. The train departed Beijing South Railway Station at 9:00 AM local time for Shanghai. The reports say that a total of seven pairs of trains will soon be launched.

Features of the bullet train:

  1. The bullet train will shorten the travel time between Beijing and Shanghai by more than an hour.
  2. Fuxing will operate regularly from September 21.
  3. It boasts an average speed of 350 kilometres and a maximum speed of 400 kilometres per hour.
  4. The train will run 50 kilometres per hour faster than the previous bullet trains in China. The previous ones ran at a speed of 300 kmph.
  5. It has a 30-year life, 10 years more than the previous models.
  6. With an average speed of 350 kmph, it consumes 10 percent less energy than the last model.
  7. The bullet train’s sophisticated monitoring system automatically slows it down in case of emergencies.
  8. It has a remote data-transmission system which monitors its speed and running in real time, reports said.
  9. A Xinhua news agency report said that the new bullet train has “more advanced shock and crash energy absorption equipment”.
  10. For the convenience of the passengers, the train is Wi-fi enabled, has power sockets and is spacious.

Fuxing has been designed and manufactured in China. The country had previously run bullet trains in 2008 but reduced the speed of its trains in 2011 following a collision that killed 40 people and injured over 190. Fuxing made its debut on the busiest route (Beijing-Shanghai) used by 505,000 passengers daily.