World Environment Day 2020: These Activists Are Making the World a Better Place

Every year we face severe droughts, threatening wildfires, submergent coastlines and extreme climate changes. All of these stem from the high fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emission. We need to take quick economical steps in order to contain any greater damage to our planet and reverse the harm done slowly.

Environment activists have been advocating these issues and asking governments to take strict steps for the last three decades. Many of us know Greta Thurberg, a Swedish activist, who refused to attend school till people did not realize that we are heading towards an existential crisis due to climate change. She rose to international recognition last year with her marches, strikes and speeches.

On World Environment Day 2020, let us look at some of the other leading activists.

India Logan-Riley

The young activist from New Zealand has been working for the indigenous people to retain the rights of their land. The ecosystems made by indigenous people must be protected against industries and other invasions. She has taken her message to the UN.

Ridhima Pandey

Hailing from Haridwar, Ridhima was deeply unsettled with the Uttarakhand floods of 2013. The 11-year-old started advocating against the country’s growing climate disasters. She was among the 16 young activists who filed a lawsuit in the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child.

Nina Gualinga

Nina has been working as a conservationist for almost her entire life. At 18, she had represented indigenous youth in a human rights court to win a case against the Ecuadorian government on oil drilling. She has been bringing attention to protect the nature and communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Jerome Foster II

Jerome has been working relentlessly as a climate activist, National Geographic Explorer, Smithsonian Ambassador, Founder and Editor in Chief of ‘The Climate Reporter’, and an author. He organizes climate strikes in his home country United States.

David Wicker

The young activist from Turin, Italy, has been working to make governments take up climate related issues as top priority. He also seeks to see people in power take steps to abide by the regulations set up by treaties and international agreements.