World becoming fragile on threat of hybridisation of war-face: Bipin Rawat at Raisina Dialogue 2021

Chief of Defence Staff, General Bipin Rawat attended an event 'Raisina Dialogue 2021- Future of Conflict' via video-conferencing on April 15. During his speech, CDS Rawat said that world is becoming fragile account of threat of hybridisation of war-face. "Today, nations feel that we need to authoritatively pressurize other nation if they can and that is leading to change in security situation and the world is now becoming fragile on the account of threat of hybridisation of war-face, nations feel that they have arrived with better technologies and therefore, threaten other nation which probably do not have that kind of technology and seek the technological advantage into conflict. Therefore, they're trying to become more and more assertive," said General Rawat. He further said, "The geo-politics coupled with geo-economics is indeed seeking to re-share the rules that govern the world order. There are some nations which follow international order and there are few which depend on their own law-fare, their own rules and regulations, trying and changing status quo. Therefore, these kinds of things do lead to conflict situations and that's what we are witnessing on the Northern Borders. Therefore, we are witnessing changes in the geo-politics shape by a nation-first approach."