World's heaviest woman Eman Ahmed not to be discharged today

Eman Ahmed is the 36-year-old Egyptian woman who is touted as the world's heaviest woman, weighing around 500 kg.

The date of discharge for the 36-year-old Egyptian woman Eman Ahmed will be decided after Saifee Hospital receives an assessment report from Burjeel Hospital. Eman is touted as the world's heaviest woman, weighing around 500 kg.

"A team of doctors had visited Eman at Saifee Hospital. After they give a report on what is their assessment of Eman's health and how they plan to go about, we will hand over the case to them," said Dr Muffazal.

On the reports in media, about a gastric bypass that a team from VPS Healthcare (which runs Burjeel Hospital) is planning to run on Eman, Dr Lakdawala said, "It is surprising as to how they have reached this conclusion. In fact, there was no biriatic surgeon present in the team of doctors that visited Eman. So, how they have decided for a gastric bypass?".

Distressed at the unsubstantiated allegations made by Eman's sister, Shaimaa, Doctor Lakdawala said that he will soon meet J P Nadda, Union Minister for Health and Family welfare asking him to make a policy for foreign patients which can give legal value to the terms of consent signed between a patient's family and treating doctors.

Fearing that Eman's incident will affect other needy parents, Doctor Lakdawala said a policy is needed for the treatment. "All of Eman's parameters are normal including her blood pressure. I knew I would draw flak if anything happens to her. But what is distressful that we are being criticized even after she is fit and fine. If this were a court of law, Shaimaa would have been imprisoned by now."

Shaimaa had asked the management of Saifee Hospital to treat Eman for free for two years.

Doctor Lakdawala also alleged that Shaimaa was instigated by an interested party who promised to look after Eman's further treatment.

India Today reported about how Eman's weight is being challenged by both Doctor Lakdawala and Eman's family.

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