Working From Home: Tips to maintain health and wellness

Meera Venugopal
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Working From Home: Tips to maintain health and wellness
Working From Home: Tips to maintain health and wellness

31 Jan 2021: Working From Home: Tips to maintain health and wellness

With new coronavirus strains being identified and vaccines yet to be rolled out for the general public, we will have to work out of our homes for many more months.

Surveys conducted during the pandemic highlighted that most employees are overworked and burned out after working from home became the new normal.

But these tips may help you to embrace a healthier WFH lifestyle.

Working space: Set up a comfortable work space at home

If you have already made this arrangement at home, great! If not, here's what you should do.

Make your own working space with a desk and an ergonomic office chair.

Place the computer on the desk, such that you are looking at it straight, without straining your neck.

Do remember to place the keyboard and mouse on the desk, close to your arm.

Break: Take regular breaks to stretch and move away from screen

Not just while WFH, but taking occasional breaks are crucial for any kind of job.

Set reminders on your phone for stretching and for those mandatory cups of coffee.

Take a small break an hour before lunchtime, to prepare your food.

Consistency is key, and be sure to stick to the same lunchtime every day, irrespective of how much work you are left with.

Sleep: A consistent sleep schedule leaves you fresh and energized

Do not fall into the desire of sleeping until the first Zoom meeting or sitting up late to binge on films.

A consistent sleep schedule is important for good sleep quality and a peaceful night's sleep ensures that you wake up fresh and energized the next day.

If you are keen on a power nap during working hours, make sure to set an alarm.

Log out: Log out at the same time, everyday, to avoid overworking

You should log in and log out at the same time every day to establish a healthy work-life boundary.

While logging out, make sure to turn off notifications, so as to not fall into the temptation of replying to a work e-mail that pops up after your working hours.

Pings and e-mails after you push off can most likely wait till the next day.

Self care: Self care is not selfish, prioritize yourself

While most of us still struggle to stick to routines and juggle between work and chores, it is easy to overlook our own self.

Practice self-care as a daily ritual and make "me time" a part of your schedule.

Invest time in an activity that you enjoy doing such as yoga, jogging, and gardening, and make sure to stick to it, every day.

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