Won't impose ban on eating, drinking habits, many take small amount of alcohol to stay healthy: MP Minister

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Jan 11 (ANI): Cooperative Minister of Madhya Pradesh Govind Singh on Friday said that the Congress party is not in favor of imposing any prohibition on people's drinking or eating habit and there are many who also take a small amount of alcohol to stay healthy.

Speaking to ANI over new liquor policy which has invoked criticism from the opposition, Singh said, "The Chief Minister's new liquor policy is in the favour of people. Till now there was illegal liquor being supplied in different villages. Hence we have made this provision so that legal vendors can open shops and deaths due to spurious liquor can be prevented."

"Some people also need liquor in their ailment. There are many who say that they take one peg liquor on the doctor's advice to stay healthy. We are not in favor of putting prohibitions on anyone's eating or drinking habits", he added.

He also stated that liquor was not being forced on anyone and those buying it were doing so voluntarily.

"Many people I know say that doctors have advised them to take one peg of alcohol to stay healthy. They stay energetic for day's work. If it is unhealthy for someone, no one is forcing it on them", Singh stated.

He also criticised former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and said, "If he was so worried he should have implemented liquor ban in the state during his tenure."

Former Madhya Pradesh chief minister and BJP leader Shivraj Singh Chouhan had on Friday slammed the Kamal Nath-led state government and said that its decision to allow liquor license holders to open sub-shops by paying extra will turn the state into "Madira Pradesh". (ANI)

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