'I Won't Be Able To Live Without You Didi': Former TMC MLA Sonali Guha, Urges Mamata To Let Her Rejoin TMC

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Former TMC MLA Sonali Guha, who had joined the BJP in March this year, has apologized to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for leaving the party and even requested the supremo to accept her back to the Trinamool fold.

Guha has clarified that she took a ‘wrong’ and ‘emotional’ decision to get inducted in the saffron party and has reiterated that she cannot live without ‘Didi’.

“The way a fish cannot stay out of the water, I will not be able to live without you, 'Didi'. I seek your forgiveness and if you don't forgive me, I won't be able to live. Please allow me to come back, and spend the rest of my life in your affection,” the leader’s letter states, as reported by the Times of India.

The four-time MLA didn’t get an assembly ticket from the BJP though and Guha now says that she feels ‘unwanted’ in the new principal opposition party of the state.

She has now accused the BJP of using her to badmouth the CM, something that the formerly close aide of Banerjee has expressed her displeasure against.

“I will personally try to meet 'Didi' but she is the chief minister and must be busy. You cannot expect her to give you time whenever you seek an appointment. I will go to her residence next week on the day when the last rituals of her brother who passed away recently are scheduled and try to talk to her,” Guha pleaded in her letter.