Won’t be cakewalk for Shiv Sena

Mumbai: The following scenarios are likely in Maharashtra. One possibility, of course, is that the Shiv Sena and the NCP form the government with a Congress prop from within or outside.

But this is easier said than done as the Congress has to weigh several imponderables such as the impact of the decision on election outcome in Jharkhand and Delhi.

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Also, it wants the Sena to pull out of the NDA government at the Centre and snap all ties with the BJP. The Congress, sources said, is expected to draw much salacious pleasure by driving a wedge between the Hindutva allies.

But what happens if the Congress backs out? In that case the Sena can join hands with the NCP but its numbers would be no different than the BJP tally. Such a formulation would be doomed on the floor of the house.

From this may emerge the third scenario: The Governor, perforce, invites the NCP-Cong combine – as the single largest pre-poll alliance – to form the government.

But such a formulation will have to solicit the Sena for support and that may not be forthcoming in the given circumstances. Unless, of course there is a replay and the NCP offers CM post by rotation to the Sena.

The fourth scenario, of course, is what the BJP has warned the Sena about: That the Congress will not be forthcoming and it will have to return to the saffron fold.

If all the aforesaid come to naught, President’s Rule is a distinct possibility. After all, a caretaker government cannot be at the helm for an eternity.