Women need to succeed: inspirational quotes from HerStory track at TechSparks

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Inspirational quotes from TechSparks to inspire, motivate and push you to work towards your dreams. 

When women succeed we all win and that is something a room full of men and women conclude at this years TechSparks 2018 track dedicated to women - leaders, changemakers, entrepreneurs, and game changers.

The speakers included not just women but also men who are working towards empowering women leaders.

They came, they saw and they conquered. Here are some quotes that capture not just the energy of TechSparks but also key points and discussions:

Nobody can give money to you until you are sure that you have got enough money to take care of all the emergencies and bear all your financial expenses. - Hansi Mehrotra, The Money Hans

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. – Sarika Sivareena, PregBuddy

In this era, our practice has to change from what was conventionally taught in our business schools. - Sridhar Sambandham, Iron Lady

Younger startups are facing economic challenges to accommodate a mother when she calls for a maternity leave - this is a good problem to have. - Naiyya Saggi, BabyChakra

“We’ve seen stories of expectant mothers and how we’ve helped them. That’s something which keeps me going every day. More and more women are joining the team to create an impact at such an early stage, and that’s success for me,” said Sivareena.

Politics is part of everyday life, we need to figure out what matters and what is just noise. Cut out the noise. - V.Gayathri, LabourNet

“I don’t think we ever fully succeed as our aspirations change each day. When I look at stories of women, men, corporate leaders who’ve done so much better than before, that’s what inspires me. At BabyChakra, we win when we are able to make a tangible difference,” said Naiyya Saagi, BabyChakra

“When we take time out of our busy schedule to help out a person struggling in a wheelchair at a railway station, that’s when we know we’re getting closer to equality.” -Kalyani Khona, Inclov

To deal with the war outside, you have to deal with the war inside.- Rajesh Bhat, Iron Lady

Staying in is the new going out – the new normal. - Rashmi Daga, FreshMenu

It is important for influencers to talk about depression and try to erase the stigma around mental illness. - Prajakta Koli, ‘Creators for Change’

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