Women Shouldn’t Seek Validation: Pooja Bhatt’s Take on Feminism

Pooja Bhatt shut down a troll like a boss when she was called a ‘known alcoholic’.

Being a daughter of the unapologetic Bhatt clan, Pooja Bhatt has always spoken her mind. During a recent interview with The Indian Express, the actress had an interesting take on feminism, the TVF Row and more.

On Feminism

Pooja Bhatt, ActressI hate the term ‘feminist’ to begin with. I mean, what is a feminist? What people are raising slogans for, I feel, it is a part of our existence... So, it’s important that as women we tell ourselves: we are half of the humanity and unfortunately or fortunately, we rely too much on other people for our validation. You want your parent’s approval, your boyfriend’s approval, your child’s approval… it doesn’t end. What about you?  

Pooja Bhatt, ActressIf we look into the heartland of India, the real wisdom exists there. I think, somewhere, it is the modern woman, who has really got herself into an ordeal – in the quest for supposed independence. Are we really independent or have we just bought ourselves a more expensive and a good looking cage?

On The TVF Row

Pooja Bhatt, ActressAbuse is not necessarily physical… somebody could be absolutely damaging in the way they look at you. I know people who have endured both, and it’s not like you’re comparing one against the other, but, I think you should stand up for yourself, no matter who you are.

On Women Empowerment

Pooja Bhatt, ActressA woman who is living in a middle class home with her husband is not any less than a woman who is sitting in a mansion, wearing pearls and diamonds, but, has a loveless marriage. Slavery comes in very attractive packages, so you have to decide in life, what your priorities are, and how much you are willing to bend and for what. It depends on what you’re going to take and what you’re not going to take. Women are very resilient people, but the problem is that we accept pain much easier than we accept joy.

Pooja’s practical and realistic take on societal issues is definitely empowering and fresh from the extremist claims existing today. Don’t you think?

(Source: The Indian Express)

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