Women In Science Give Fitting Reply to Discovery’s All-Man Promo

“The World is Ours!” is the tagline Discovery Channel is running in its newest promo, which, mind you, almost exclusively features only white males.

Needlessly to say, the promo, which released on 28 March, gone viral, as people came on social media to express their dislike over the channel’s lack of inclusivity.

Here’s how the promo goes:

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As you may see, the 30-second promo shows about 20 males – all clothed – and one female, who is semi-naked in a forest (from the show, Naked and Afraid), and even she’s on screen for a whole of 0.5 seconds. What many viewers also pointed is that there’s not a single woman scientist to be seen in the video.

‘The World is Ours Too’

In response to the Discovery promo, some women came together and made a video of their own, titled “#ScienceIsForEveryone”. They make a comment on how Discovery chose to pick a skewed representation of science.

The video shows several women taking on many varied vocations in the field of science and otherwise. Watch the video here:

Another scientist, Teagan Wall, who specialises in neuroscience, collated videos of women scientists across different age groups and ethnicity, conducting experiments and talking about their research.

While the Discovery promo faced a lot of backlash online, the #ScienceIsForEveryone video earned itself many fans.

Viewers pointed that racial diversity was also missing from the video, and that not even the channel’s own women employees found any air time in the promo.

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