Women observe fast, celebrate Karwa Chauth with full enthusiasm

Women across the country celebrated the festival of Karwa Chauth on November 04. According to the Hindu calendar, Karwa Chauth falls in the month of Kartik. Married women observe fast from dawn till dusk and pray for good health and long life of their husbands. Women wear bright color dresses with matching jewelry, apply heena on their hands and remain involved in 'puja' throughout the day. Women celebrating their first Karwa Chauth wear their bridal dresses and receive 'Sargi' from their mother-in-laws. The 'sargi' was given during the wee hours of November 04. In return, daughter-in-laws give gifts to their mother-in-laws which is called 'baya.' Nowadays, husbands have also started to practice the ritual; of keeping the fast to reciprocate the feeling. The fast is broken after moon gives its appearance. Women use the sieve to sight the moon, catch a glimpse of their husband and drink water.