Women More Active in Decision-Making; 38% Own House, Says Survey

The number of women who hold a bank account now stands at 53 percent as compared to 15 percent a decade ago.

A recently-released National Family Health Survey indicates an massive improvement in the number of women who now have access to bank accounts.

The number stands at 53 percent as compared to 15 percent a decade back.

According to a Times of India report, the study also reveals that number of women are now house owners, take active participation in decision-making within their family, opt for antenatal check-ups and hygeinic methods during their menstrual cycles has also increased.

Eighty-four percent of married women between the age of 15-39 are participating in taking calls in families while 38.4 percent own a house or land on their own or jointly.

Cases of marital violence have dropped from 37.2 percent to 28.8 percent, but 3.3 percent still face violence during pregnancy.

The rate of literacy, which is also a major contributing factor to the rise in numbers above, has risen to 68.4 percent from 55.1 percent in the last survey, which was done in 2005-06. The literacy number is still dismally low when compared to men, which stands at 85.6 percent.