All You Women, If Ivanka Can Repeat Her Clothes, So Can You

Ivanka Trump is in India for the second time and she chose a breezy, colourful dress for her touchdown in Ahemdabad. She is accompanying Donald Trump and Melania Trump for their two-day-visit to India.

But here’s what you need to know about Ivanka Trump’s dress. The red midi floral print dress by the brand Proenza Schouler is worth Rs 1.7 Lakh and this is not the first time Ivanka is wearing it.

Ivanka Trump post touchdown in India.

For all public figures, it’s a trend to not repeat outfits. Reportedly, PM Modi is also said to never repeat outfits, especially for when important dignitaries arrive or there is a special event to be addressed.

Ivanka wore the same powder blue midi with red flowers to visit to Argentina. The chic dress that Ivanka wore to Argentina in September last year, costs Rs 1,71,331 (USD 2,385).

Ivanka Trump in the same dress in Argentina in 2019

Last time, in Argentina, along with the dress, Ivanka was seen wearing a pair of baby blue suede pumps. This time around she chose a pair of red pumps and styled her hair with a middle part.

By repeating the dress, Ivanka Trump has surely made a powerful fashion statement about sustainability. Joaquin Phoenix, Joker actor, also made a statement on sustainable fashion when he said that he will be repeating his Golden Globe custom Stella McCartney tux for entire awards season.

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