Women Folks celebrate 'Ganguar Festival' with utmost devotion

The beautiful city of Guwahati came alive with the celebration of Gangaur Puja on the river side of the mighty Brahmaputra where thousands of women folks, especially from the Marwari community, festooned in traditional attire to celebrate the auspicious day with full devotion and dedication.Gangaur festival is one of the most celebrated festivals of the country observed in the honor of Goddess Parvati or Gauri and Lord Shiva. Both married and unmarried women take part in this festival with utmost enthusiasm. The festival has a lot of religious importance to the people as Goddess Gauri represents perfection and connubial love. Women singing folk songs were seen carrying 'Kalash' on their heads, which is considered sacred, was followed by a procession. Moreover, the idols of Goddess Gauri were adorned beautifully with holy clothes by the women folks.