Women better than men at pulling a sickie from work

London, Feb 7 (ANI): When it comes to pulling off a sickie, women are far more convincing than men, a survey has revealed.

A study of 10,000 adults found that one in 10 have been discovered pulling a sickie - either by bumping into a fellow worker out and about or by posting tell-tale clues on social media websites, the Daily Mail reported.

However, men are twice as likely to be caught out than women.

Meanwhile, 4 in 10 people sensibly avoid websites such as Facebook and Twitter completely on their bonus day off, though 5 percent sail close to the wind by using them to gain sympathy for their fictional sickness.

While two thirds bite the bullet and call their employers themselves with the bad news, 5 percent have enlisted the help of a relative.

The reasons for pulling a sickie are many and varied, but hangovers are the most common culprit, accounting for 39 percent of cases.

Men are more likely to take a day off to nurse a sore head - making up 44 percent of sickies compared to 34 percent in women.

A quarter decide to shun the office so that they can spend time at home with their partner, while 15 percent use them to go to job interviews.

However, a third don't go in as they "just fancy a day off." (ANI)